Lost or lost key: 5 tips to prevent this

5 tips lost key

Everyone has experienced it at one time or another: you can suddenly no longer find your key. If you are still inside and need to leave home quickly, this is of course very inconvenient. But when you are outside and cannot go in anymore, this is even more annoying. Especially if this happens in the middle of the night. Of course […]

Opening a lock without the key: is that possible?

lock open without key

Have you lost your key, did you leave it inside when you left or do you not have a key to open your door for some other reason? Then you can do several things. First of all, we would like to emphasize that forcing your door yourself is absolutely not a good idea. Also your lock […]

A key stuck in the lock? You can do this!

key fixed

For various reasons you can have to deal with a key that suddenly cannot be removed from the lock. For example, your key may break, or it may no longer function smoothly due to rust. Your lock can also wear out over time or otherwise jam. In addition, something in the lock itself cannot be properly […]

How much does a locksmith and replacing your lock cost?

cost of locks (maker)

If you are having problems with your lock, it is often advisable to consider replacing it. Sometimes people can wait a long time, especially because they are afraid of being saddled with high costs. However, it goes without saying that opening or repairing a lock that has jammed will be more expensive […]

How do you know if you are dealing with a reliable locksmith?

reliable locksmith

When you are locked out, your key has been broken or you have had to deal with a burglary, you want to be able to call someone you can trust. A burglary, in particular, can put an enormous burden on you emotionally. Are you engaging a locksmith to help you? Then notice […]

5 useful tips for good burglary protection

burglary protection

Are you going on vacation soon? Or is your home vacant for a longer period of time for some other reason? Then it is very important to think about measures against burglary. Burglary prevention can save you a lot of suffering and high damage costs, while the preventive measures require very little effort. Read on for 5 […]

Is your key stuck on the inside of the door?

broken cylinder lock

Many people leave their keys in the lock during the night. It may then happen that you want to go out in the morning and you suddenly cannot turn the key. This can have various causes; from a jammed or defective lock to a key that breaks. […]

Your key has broken off in the lock of your front door: now what?

broken key front door

It happens to almost everyone at least once in a lifetime: a broken key in the lock of your front door. Often this is also accompanied by haste or stress, causing you to press just a little harder when you try to close the lock and thus suddenly break the key. Of course that is at such a […]

Can a lock be opened with a screwdriver?

lock open locksmith

We often get the question what exactly is going on when people talk about 'opening a lock with a screwdriver'. Sometimes people think they can repair a defective lock by trying to turn the lock again with a screwdriver. We do not recommend this under any circumstances! You can on that […]