Don't let burglars pass your house

burglars bypass your home

That nobody wants to be the victim of a burglary makes sense. It is less logical, however, that many people do not take even very simple measures that can reduce the chance of a burglary. And those measures are there, they are often less drastic and expensive than you would suspect at first sight. A […]

Limit break-in damage

The most common burglary methods

How do you ensure as little damage as possible in the event of a break-in? Burglary is a situation that nobody ever wants to experience, so the more you can prevent it; the better. The damage after a burglary can be enormous and not only in terms of material. The emotional damage people experience after a burglary is often immense […]

Multi-point lock defective?

multi-point lock defective

Multi-point lock defective: what to do? If you have installed a multi-point lock, you will most likely have done this to provide your home with good security. After all, a good lock means that burglars will be much less likely to enter your home unnoticed and unintentionally. But as with all other […]

Replacing your locks: is this a good idea?

Turn on a locksmith if you forget your keys

Did you know that the number of burglaries on an annual basis has fallen substantially over the past ten years? By 2012 there were almost 100.000, now that number has halved. Of course, 50.000 burglaries a year are still a lot, but halving means that something has changed. This is partly because modern homes are always […]