Safer living by replacing locks

locksmith installing by lock

A safe home, that is what everyone has in mind, a home that offers you and your housemates peace of mind and which means a safe haven. It is terrible, then, to think that someone with bad intentions would enter that safe haven unsolicited and take ownership of your belongings. You […]

Replace your locks after burglary

changing your locks repair

Undoubtedly the nightmare of many people, falling victim to a burglary. It turns your whole world upside down. Not only have you lost valuable possessions, but you also dread a lot of expense and a long period of emotional damage. Your home and your belongings are dear to you and a stranger has just arrived […]

Dear locksmiths

The good name of a city is very important, which is why cities do everything they can to defend this name in all areas. So also in the field of crime and the fight against it. Well-developed security plans that have a preventive but also a repressive character. A good locksmith is a steady partner […]

Maximum insured in case of burglary

house safe insurance

You have invested a lot in the security of your home, and yet one day you become the victim of a burglary. Very annoying, but know that the risk of this will never be completely reduced to zeroleiden is. What you can do in addition to optimally securing your home to better protect yourself, […]

Placing a side lock provides extra security

Side lock

All your windows and doors are fitted with high-quality security locks with the SKG quality mark and 3 stars. Now you may think you are optimally secure against burglaries. Yes and no. Of course, the locks will ensure that burglars have to put in more effort and lose more time to get in to you, but it remains […]