Dear locksmiths

The good name of a city is very important, which is why cities do everything they can to defend this name in all areas. So also in the field of crime and the fight against it. Well-developed security plans that have a preventive but also a repressive character. A good locksmith is a steady partner […]

Maximum insured in case of burglary

house safe insurance

You have invested a lot in the security of your home, and yet one day you become the victim of a burglary. Very annoying, but know that the risk of this will never be completely reduced to zeroleiden is. What you can do in addition to optimally securing your home to better protect yourself, […]

Placing a side lock provides extra security

Side lock

All your windows and doors are fitted with high-quality security locks with the SKG quality mark and 3 stars. Now you may think you are optimally secure against burglaries. Yes and no. Of course, the locks will ensure that burglars have to put in more effort and lose more time to get in to you, but it remains […]

Choosing the best locks is now more important than ever

cylinder locks

Like everything else, ditches have come a long way in evolution. Several thousand years ago, the first locks were made of wood. These were only provided for the well-to-do citizen, after all, there was nothing to steal from the common man, so they did not need locks either. Only those who had something worthwhile […]

A broken key. What now?

broken key

Unfortunately, keys also have to cope with the test of time. Just imagine, you come home after a long working day, put the key in the lock and it breaks off. You still have one half of the key in your hands, the other half is still in the […]

Install anti-core pulling fittings for a safe home

anti-core pulling fittings

We are convinced that you will be happy to do everything you can to make your home not an easy target for burglars. You may already have invested in good locks, ensure that there are no tools lying around for burglars to use, and you provide adequate lighting in and around your home. Of course these are […]