Repair burglary damage

Burglar-proof tips during holiday time

On average, there are 65.000 burglaries per year. Then in neighborhoods with well-secured homes, it can of course be a lot lower than in homes where little burglary prevention has been done. It is very annoying when you are the victim of a burglary. You discover that all kinds of valuable, and sometimes irreplaceable, items have been taken. […]

Insert locks for doors and windows

The work of a locksmith

There are different types of locks for windows and doors. They all aim to close homes and buildings as well as possible and thereby protect ourselves and our belongings against burglars. The range of locks for doors and windows is very extensive and you may find the forest for the trees […]

Locksmiths in Arnhem are busy this period.

Locksmiths in Arnhem are busy this period.

When it comes to crime, Arnhem is certainly not a saint. In fact, Arnhem is one of the top 5 places in the Netherlands where there is the most juvenile delinquency. That crime is partly leiden to drug crime. Drug crime also often leads to more burglaries. It is therefore important that […]