The latest lock trends

These manufacturers make your lock

Burglars are getting smarter. They develop all kinds of techniques to enter your home unseen, and therefore as quickly as possible. In order to stay one or two steps ahead of these criminals, more new techniques are also being used in the development of security locks. In this way, the latest trends in the field of […]

Smart locks are not secure?

As we continue to digitize and get an increasingly faster data network, more and more clever tricks are being created to make our lives easier. Smart locks are a trend here. The operation is relatively simple, the locks are opened with an accompanying app on your smartphone. The reason most people go for this kind of smart, […]

What does opening a door cost?

Maybe you know all those exciting stories about the locksmith as a savior. And that savior helps you when you get locked out and then unpleasantly surprises you with a peppery bill. As with any profession, there are always bad apples in the basket. However, a story like this is not an accurate reflection of […]

36% of burglaries take place through the back door

burglary protection

The number of burglaries continues to rise sharply. This is partly due to the fact that burglars are constantly developing new techniques that make breaking in faster and faster. One of the popular break-in techniques is core pulling. A kind of screw is hammered into the lock so that the cylinder […]

Fix hinges and locks

flush-fitting locks

Hinges and locks include all means necessary to hang, open, fasten, close or lock doors or windows. Good quality hinges and locks are essential to keep burglars and other uninvited guests out. Good maintenance is important here, especially to maintain the best security […]