burglary protection

36% of burglaries take place through the back door

The number of burglaries continues to rise sharply. This is partly due to the fact that burglars are constantly developing new techniques that make breaking in faster and faster. One of the popular break-in techniques is core pulling. A kind of screw is hammered into the lock so that the cylinder is pulled out. The faster burglars can enter homes, the more attractive it becomes. In this way, burglars can be in your house within 3 minutes. The percentage of locks that are protected against core pulling is alarmingly low. Only 1 in 8 locks is protected against this. If you want to ensure that burglars are busy forcing your lock for at least more than 3 minutes, then you must have locks with at least SKG** certification, in combination with so-called core pull protection. 

Breaking in through the back door

Most burglaries happen through the back door. You can't imagine how many people are left who don't lock their doors. These are mainly young people and children (25 to 40%). Locks are also unsafe in almost 8% of the cases. So choose to have a locksmith investigate how your burglary prevention is. For example, have anti-burglary strips or smart locks that close automatically. The less professional burglar will have to make more effort to break in and therefore prefer to choose eggs for their money. Would you like to discover for yourself how the security of your home is? Then do the Burglary Prevention Check via the website of the National Burglary Prevention Foundation.

Prevention is better than cure

Of course you would rather prevent a burglary than replace all locks afterwards. Insurance often never fully covers the damage. In addition, the feeling of insecurity after a break-in is indescribable. After all, a stranger has searched your home without your knowledge. You may have just lost that irreplaceable and precious heirloom. That is why it is important to hire a locksmith to visit you to see which areas can be improved in terms of hinges and locks. If necessary, you can immediately nieuwe sloten be placed. This includes SKG-certified locks, multi-point locks and core pull protection. Slotenmaker Holland is the reliable specialist you are looking for. Thanks to our transparent working method, you always know where you stand. You get a standard 5-year warranty on the nieuwe sloten and its installation. Will you enlist our help? We are usually with you within 30 minutes, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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