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5 useful tips for good burglary protection

Are you going on vacation soon? Or is your house vacant for a long time for another reason? Then it is very important to think about measures against burglary. Burglary prevention can save you a lot of suffering and high damage, while the preventive measures cost you very little effort. Read on for 5 useful tips to better protect your home against burglars, so you can leave home with peace of mind.

1. Always provide adequate visibility and lighting

One of the most obvious things burglars look for is the degree of lighting and visibility in and around your home. Preferably always leave a few lights on in several rooms, for example the hall, living room and one of the bedrooms. Today you can buy very economical LED lamps, which will last for years and require little energy.

The same goes for the space around your house: make sure that there are no dense hedges around your house that limit the view and prefer to invest in a lamp that moves when moving. A handy tip: buy special timers that turn on the lights at the same time every day. So it always seems as if you are at home and this already saves in 99% of the cases.

2. Never put valuables in direct sight

If you turn on the lighting properly, make sure that you do not have any valuables in sight. For example, if your laptop, phone or wallet is right behind a window, burglars can get it with one tap. In addition, valuable things are very inviting and you try to prevent this. So put everything away neatly and put a plant in front of the window or a nice candle instead.

3. Make your home appear occupied

Another idea that can often help is to have someone visit your house regularly. This may often prove necessary anyway, such as a neighbor who wateres the plants with you. When someone is present in your home more often, it seems as if you are not away from home. Another option is to rent out your home temporarily, since the emergence of platforms such as AirBNB, this is relatively common. And you earn some extra money, which is of course much better than loss due to burglary, because your home seems uninhabited.

4. Do not leave items outside that can act as a step

Burglars often use certain objects, such as steps or trash cans, to sneak in through a window. Therefore, make sure that such items are not located at your home. Also make sure you only throw away packaging materials from expensive items when you are at home. You prefer to deposit this directly in the paper bin or waste container after purchase. Why? Because burglars can sometimes sniff at the clicker next to your home for proof of expensive properties. This way you will not leave any trace when you are away from home.

5. Invest in a good security system

After all the above practical matters, it is also wise to think about certain professional matters for your secure house. Maybe you can place a camera at the entrance, this is certainly useful if you live remote. An alarm system is not an unnecessary luxury in these times either, so the police will be on the scene quickly if someone unexpectedly enters your home.

Your locks are the first barrier against burglars!

In addition to all the tips we have given, a properly functioning lock is of course the most important. Are you leaving home soon and do you want security in the field of burglary protection and prevention? Please contact Slotenmaker Holland. We can visit you and inspect your entire property for weak spots. We also look at the guidelines of the police label. We can also look at your lock to find out whether it still meets all the requirements.

Many cylinder locks in the Netherlands are not yet equipped with core pulling protection, while this has been mandatory since 2016. We can protect your house well against burglars, by installing the right locks professionally and quickly. Call us with all your questions in this area; We are happy to help you.

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