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Locksmiths are still widely used in various situations. Think of exclusions, replacing locks, burglary prevention and repair of damage after a burglary. People often have various questions about our working method, the costs and the possibilities of locksmiths. You can read the most frequently asked questions in this Locksmith FAQ - Frequently asked questions about locksmiths.

I need a good locksmith in Amersfoort, who do I call?

If you need a good locksmith in Amersfoort, you call Slotenmaker Holland. You are, of course, looking for a locksmith who can provide you with quality, who is reliable and who will not let you pay the top price for quality. And that is exactly what the qualified locksmiths of Slotenmaker Holland offer you. You will never be faced with unexpected costs here. If things go differently than discussed with you, we will discuss this with you before we start our work. Customer service is very important to us and we therefore ensure that you never have to wait long for one of our locksmiths. Because we have national coverage, we are usually within 30 minutes with you. Thanks to our emergency service, you can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including during public holidays. 

We offer our services in Regio Amsterdam, Region Amersfoort (NL), Region Arnhem, Region Apeldoorn, Region Rotterdam and Region Utrecht. We maintain a radius around the locations of approximately 30 minutes travel distance in the regions, so that in most cases we can be on location on time!

What are the costs of a locksmith?

There are no statutory rates for locksmiths. Usury prices can therefore occur. In addition, the day and time, such as the night and the weekend, determine the rates that locksmiths charge you. Bee Slotenmaker Holland the rates are clear and transparent. This means you will never be faced with unexpected costs.

Can a locksmith always open my lock?

A locksmith employed by Slotenmaker Holland is qualified and has extensive experience. In addition, we always work with specialist tools. Opening a lock will always work. In most cases this also works without damage. Sometimes it is necessary to drill out the lock. We always discuss this with you first and will place a new lock after your permission. We usually do not need more than half an hour to open a lock without damage.

How do I know if a locksmith is reliable?

At Slotenmaker Holland only qualified locksmiths with a wealth of experience work. Our transparent working method ensures that you are never faced with surprises. Unfortunately, there are bad apples in the industry, but these are the shady companies that are more professional than they are. The locksmith's box is not protected. Take a good look at how the locksmith expresses himself and whether he and his company car seem to be part of a reliable company. Also make clear what the costs will be before the locksmith starts working.

I would like to become a locksmith, what should I do?

You mainly learn the locksmith trade in practice. Also check with a locksmith in the area if you can do an internship there. Often it is based on a different training, for example as a carpenter or training in the security sector.

Which lock is best for my situation?

There are various locks that provide a better lock for your home. Think of the cylinder locks with protection class SKG ** and SKG ***, but also the multi-point lock and core pulling protection. Which lock is best for you depends on many different factors. Slotenmaker Holland will be happy to advise you on burglary prevention. We can then place the recommended locks for you at your request.

What agreements can I make with a locksmith?

If you need a locksmith, please call Slotenmaker Holland. Indicate for which situation you need the locksmith. Our locksmiths have a transparent way of working. You always know where you stand. If things go a little differently, we will inform you before we continue with the work. With us you do not have to pay in advance. You only pay when we are ready, safe and secure via a tick or pin payment.

How do I have a key added?

A locksmith can make extra keys for you, by grinding and milling. The price depends on the type of key. In addition, a locksmith can also update the car keys of older cars. For more modern cars, you often have to go to the dealer. If you have certified keys, only you as a certificate holder can have the keys duplicated at the supplier.

How can a locksmith help me with a lockout?

Our qualified locksmiths have years of experience. With the help of specialist tools, we can open almost any door damage-free. If this does not work, we will report this before we continue. We must then drill out the lock. Because the lock can no longer be used after that, we will install a new lock after consultation with you. If you are locked out due to the loss or theft of your keys, we advise you to nieuwe sloten to place.

What does the locksmith's job entail?

A lot of people think of a locksmith when you have keys made. However, a locksmith is much more than that. He or she is the specialist where you can go if you have forgotten your keys, lost or theft. The locksmith will fully commit to opening the door damage-free. A locksmith is also used for burglary prevention and lockouts. If you have been burgled, the locksmith can repair the damage and nieuwe sloten place. If the damage cannot be repaired immediately, an emergency shutdown is installed.

What is the difference between a locksmith and a locksmith?

In fact, there is no difference between the locksmith and the locksmith. Locksmith is nothing more than the English name for a locksmith. You may hear this word a bit more because of the internationalization of society, but it is especially common to use the Dutch name. Locksmith is a liberal profession and is not bound by rules from the industry or a specific profession.

Can I recover the costs for locksmith services from my insurance?

Many people do not use a locksmith for pleasure. Urgent help is needed in situations that in most cases cannot be resolved. And those situations usually come at the unhappiest moments, on weekends, holidays or in the middle of the night. Locksmith rates are higher than usual during these unusual times. It is therefore not a strange question if you want to know whether you can claim the costs for locksmith services from your insurer. We have good news for you, because in most cases your insurer will reimburse these costs in part or in full. Whether a reimbursement takes place depends on the situation and the coverage of your insurance. You also often have to meet certain conditions. For example, have you engaged a locksmith because of the theft of a key or a burglary? Then most insurers want you to have your locks replaced within 24 hours. Also report this to the police, your insurer will ask for a declaration form. If the key is lost, no insurer will reimburse the costs incurred by you. Loss of keys is considered your own responsibility.

Can the locksmith create a car key?

Have you lost your car key or do you want an extra key? In principle, you can contact the locksmith for this. However, you must hand over certain information to the locksmith before he or she can open the car and make a new key. Take this information with you to the locksmith: the VIN number, year of production, car make and model of the car. To find out the location of the VIN number, look in the insurance papers. Here is where the VIN number can be read. For the newer cars and luxury models, a locksmith is usually not equipped enough to help you with a new key. Such a key, for example, will have to be programmed and you must contact the dealer of the car. Since you are much more expensive at a dealer, it is wise to first ask the locksmith whether they can help you. Only if the locksmith can do nothing for you, go to the car's dealer.

Can a locksmith make a key for my lock if I no longer have the key?

Slotenmaker Holland is a specialized locksmith company. Even if you no longer have your key, we can make a key for you. We would like to make a comment here. Do you no longer have your key because you have lost it or because it has been lost? Then it is much wiser not to choose to have a new key made, but to have the locks replaced. After all, you should not remember that the lost key comes into the hands of someone who discovers which house the key belongs to. For your safety it is therefore better to have the locks replaced in case of theft and loss of keys. And did you know that in many cases you will be reimbursed for our insurance costs?

Can the locksmith open every door?

A locksmith can open any door. Of course it is important that the person who engages the locksmith is also entitled to have the door opened. This means that we do not help your neighbor or neighbor with the request to open your home. We only work legally and can open every lock and door, whether this is your home, business premises or car. Have you contacted us about an exclusion? We have national coverage and are usually within half an hour with you.

Can the locksmith unlock my car?

Are you unable to open your car? In some cases, a locksmith can open the door for you. Whether this works depends on various factors, including the type of car.

Can I go to a locksmith for advice on burglary prevention?

A locksmith specializes in burglary prevention. We know exactly how a burglar's brain works and what vulnerabilities there may be in the security of your home. We are therefore happy to visit you to assess the current situation in the field of hinges and locks. Based on this, we issue an advice. If you agree with this advice, we can immediately install and replace the necessary locks. Also consider options such as core pulling protection, anti-burglary strips and a multi-point lock.

Can a locksmith replace my locks?

One of the main tasks of a locksmith is to replace locks.

When do I choose nieuwe sloten and how does it work?

There are several reasons for this nieuwe sloten to choose. First and foremost, you may have been the victim of a bag robbery in which your keys were also stolen. In addition, it is good to have your locks replaced if you have lost your keys, even if you still have spare keys. In case of a move, crooked keys and unsafe locks, it is also best to contact our locksmiths to replace your locks.

Choose for nieuwe sloten placed by Slotenmaker Holland? Then we always recommend that you choose the minimum security class SKG **. For extra security, choose a class higher, the SKG *** cylinder locks. As Slotenmaker Holland replace your locks, you can choose from various A-brands. We only work with top brands because we want to guarantee you quality. That is why you receive a standard five-year warranty with us nieuwe sloten and its mounting. Three new keys are also part of the locks we replaced.

Can I opt for certified keys?

You can certainly opt for certified keys. You are the owner and therefore also the certificate holder. This means that only you can have the keys added. This prevents the unauthorized duplication of your keys by third parties.

What are the costs for engaging a locksmith?

For the services of a locksmith you simply have to pay. How much you have to pay depends on several factors. For example, you pay more on weekends, weekends and public holidays, and at night. In addition, it depends on which help you need. The prices of different locksmith companies among themselves also vary enormously. Sometimes really extortionate prices are asked. Bee Slotenmaker Holland we never charge the top prize for quality. We have transparent prices and you always know where you stand.

Do you have a rate list?

We do not work with a fixed rate list. The work of a locksmith is based on custom work, after all every request for help and situation is different. If we did publish a price list, we would create false expectations. Would you like to know what costs we charge you globally, for example if you want to have your locks replaced? Send us an email or whatsapp with photos and a description of the current situation. Also state what you expect from us. We can then give you an indication of the costs.

It's weekend / night / holiday and need a locksmith, now what?

At Slotenmaker Holland We know better than anyone that immediate action is often needed in situations where you need a locksmith. You don't want to have to stay with someone because you are locked out on the weekend and no locksmith is available. That is why we have set up an urgent service especially for our customers. This emergency service is literally always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Except during our emergency service, we will be at your doorstep within 30 minutes, with some exceptions.

How fast can the locksmith get to me?

We think it is important that you are helped quickly. We have national coverage and therefore there is always a locksmith in your area. This means that we usually don't need more than half an hour to be with you. You will also be helped quickly during our emergency service.

I want to become a locksmith, what training should I follow?

A good choice, locksmith is a fantastic profession! Have you already searched the internet for locksmith training? Chances are that you have not found anything and that is absolutely correct. There is no specific training to become a locksmith. Locksmiths learn the trade in practice. They join a specialized locksmith and thus learn all the tricks of the trade. We have various courses and training courses, for example within the security sector, with which locksmiths can deepen or expand their knowledge.

What can a locksmith do for me?

A locksmith can do a lot for you, especially when it comes to locking your home or business premises. A locksmith knows exactly which hinges and locks must be placed to safely lock your home. You can also use our locksmiths for reliable and clear advice. We will be with you within half an hour to help you lock out, replace your locks, repair burglary damage or help you with burglary prevention. We can also advise you to submit our invoice with your insurance. If you engage us within 24 hours after the specific situation arises, you may receive compensation from your household contents insurance.

Why do I need a locksmith, I can also type in a window?

You are locked out and that is very annoying. It also always comes at the most unfavorable moments, for example when it rains hard or when you are standing in the scorching sun with your newly purchased frozen food. The tendency to tap a window is very large. We still advise you to get the help of one of our locksmiths. A glazier does not always have time to help you immediately and it is quite expensive. Our locksmiths are always there for you. We usually don't take more than 30 minutes to get to your location. In addition, you can enter a window at a lock, but this does not increase your safety if the lock is due to a lost or stolen key. We will then advise you to have your locks replaced.

Why does hiring a locksmith cost so much money?

Many people feel that they have to pay a lot for a locksmith's services. Strip this away against the costs incurred by the locksmith and then it will be easy. Just remember that a locksmith must always be ready, 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. What exactly you pay for locksmith services depends on the day and time, and of course which job is specifically performed. You can always request a cost estimate by e-mail or whatsapp by clearly sending the current and desired situation, supported by photos.

When is a locksmith required?

It is always your own choice to engage a locksmith. However, if you want to request reimbursement of costs from your insurer, you must engage a locksmith within 24 hours after the situation arises. The locksmith prepares an invoice that you can send to your insurer. Situations in which you may be reimbursed for costs are those in which you have locks replaced after a burglary or theft of your keys.

What do locksmiths do?

Locksmiths know everything about safe and reliable hinges and locks. A locksmith can professionally replace or expand your locks with various forms of burglary prevention. Locksmiths are also used by bailiffs if, in cooperation with a subsidiary public prosecutor, they have the authority to enter a home and do not receive the cooperation of the resident. Locksmiths also help you with lockouts and damage repair after a burglary. Damage-free opening of a lock in case of a lockout is always the first priority.

What is a locksmith?

A locksmith is recognized and specialized in the field of hinges and locks.

What do you earn as a locksmith?

Unlike many other professions, it is not possible for a locksmith to state an average salary. It is very dependent on the locksmith business, the knowledge and the specialization that the locksmith has in house.

I got scammed by a locksmith, what can I do?

It is especially important to first make clear how you have been defrauded. Do you suddenly have to pay more than indicated in advance? Then wait to pay and see if you can work it out together. There is no specific dispute committee with which locksmiths are affiliated. If you are unable to find a solution together, go to the legal counter or take out your legal expenses insurance.

For future situations where you need a locksmith, it is important to establish price agreements. Have it specified which activities and materials fall within these agreements. If the locksmith deviates from it, you can always fall back on this.

Which locksmith services are there?

Many people think of a locksmith to the person who only makes keys. A locksmith does so much more than that. With an outside lock, a locksmith ensures that you can return to your home or business premises. A locksmith also replaces locks, advises and installs burglary prevention and is a specialist in the field of core pulling protection and multi-point lock. A locksmith's duties are wide and can vary from locksmith to locksmith. Always contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Why is it important to hire a qualified locksmith?

Unfortunately, as in any profession, there are some rotten apples in locksmith's fruit bowl. People who mistakenly call themselves locksmith, ask for the grand prize and do tinker. To avoid being saddled with bad work, it is best to choose a locksmith company with qualified locksmiths. The locksmiths of Slotenmaker Holland are all qualified and have a wealth of experience.

Which locks work Slotenmaker Holland?

At Slotenmaker Holland we have knowledge and experience with every type of lock. We therefore replace all types of locks. However, we only install locks from one of the A-brands we work with, such as Dom, Nemef, Axa and Lips. We only work with A-brands because we can guarantee the quality that we want to guarantee to our customers. We also work with core pull protection, multi-point locks and cylinder locks with protection classes SKG ** and SKG ***.

Kan Slotenmaker Holland give me a price indication?

It is impossible to give a price indication if we do not have a complete picture of the current and desired situation. Every situation is different and that in itself is already very decisive for the costs we charge you. We can well imagine that you would like to know in which direction you should think. That is why you can email us for a price indication or whatsapp with a description of the current situation, supported with photos and a description of the desired situation.

When is a locksmith needed?

A locksmith is often called in for a lockout, replacement of locks, burglary prevention, damage repair after a burglary and the installation of an emergency shutdown.

Who is the nearest locksmith?

Slotenmaker Holland is always near you. If you contact us, we will ensure that there is usually someone with you within 30 minutes. We have national coverage and can therefore keep waiting times as low as possible, including during the night, weekends and holidays.

Can a locksmith open an apartment, house or business premises?

As long as it is legally justified, for example because you are the owner of the property, a locksmith can open the door of an apartment, house or business premises.

Can a locksmith open a car?

A locksmith can open your car. You must however demonstrate that you are the owner of the car. The roadside assistance, garage, voluntary fire brigade, or community police officer can also help you open the car.

Can I go to the locksmith to have keys made?

The more complicated keys, such as digital keys, can be created by a locksmith. Of course this is also possible with the standard keys, but you are usually cheaper by having this done at the hardware store or the local shoemaker, for example.

How carefully does the locksmith handle my lock?

The locksmiths of Slotenmaker Holland can open your lock in most cases without damage. Your lock can still be used safely afterwards. Sometimes this does not work and we first consult with you. We must drill the lock after your approval. Because the lock can no longer be used, we will install a new lock.

How expensive are locks?

Locks are not necessarily expensive. There is a considerable price difference between them, which mainly depends on the quality and security class of the lock. We are happy to advise you on this.

Is VAT charged on locksmith services?

The customer pays 21% VAT on the costs of the locksmith. This is already included in the price.