Replace all your locks

Replace all your locks

Many people buy or build a house and actually pay very little attention to the locks that are present. Actually a wrong idea, because the entire security of your home stands or falls with it. There are many reasons to have your locks thoroughly checked and replaced where necessary. Having a safe and secure feeling at home can not beat that.

Locks in an existing home

If you have bought or rented an existing home, chances are you have left the locks for what they were and there are some risks involved. It cannot be ruled out that the person who lived in the house for you still has a key somewhere. Or perhaps a neighbor or family member has received a key from the previous resident in the past and has not thought of giving it back. Actually, these people could just enter you without making any effort. If you are taking over a house, it is always a good idea to replace all existing locks. If it is a slightly older house, there is a good chance that the locks are completely outdated and need to be replaced. The upcoming move is the perfect time for that. There are still all kinds of chores to be done in and around the house, so why not suddenly add this? So you can immediately move into your new home with peace of mind without worrying about security.

Locks in a new-build home

Today, many people hand over the full implementation of the construction of their home to a contractor. It goes without saying that you choose your own kitchen and bathroom. Unfortunately, it is often less obvious that you choose your locks yourself. In any case, your home must be fitted with locks, why not immediately opt for professional locks with high security? In this way you can avoid having to replace the locks placed by the construction company, whether or not after you first became a burglary. It is not usually the first thing people think of when designing their new home, but it is important to think about it.

Professional installation by your locksmith

Nieuwe sloten it is quite a task. They exist in different versions, from different brands and in different price ranges. It can be difficult for someone who has little knowledge of it to choose the right lock. If you have doubts about the locks you need for your home, you can always contact your locksmith for advice. He will not only help you choose, but will also take care of its placement. Locks must be placed just right for the best possible security and your locksmith has years of experience with this. If you place your locks yourself, you risk not doing this according to the rules of the art, making it a lot easier for burglars to force the locks. Opting for a higher security with good locks will yield little if the installation is not done professionally. Your locksmith knows exactly which locks should be placed where and places them professionally and professionally.

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