anti-core pulling fittings

Install anti-core pulling fittings for a safe home

We are convinced that you will do everything you can to make your home not an easy target for burglars. You may have already invested in good locks, ensure that there are no tools lying around that burglars can use and you provide adequate lighting in and around your home. Of course these are all very good steps towards a safe home, but have you also thought about installing anti-core pulling fittings? We will then work with you to find out what this means and how you can realize this for your home.

Why choose anti-core pulling batter?

Burglars are very inventive when it comes to figuring out ways to get into your home and they are happy to find a solution to all the problems that come their way. Because many people bet on safety locks and cylinder locks, they have also devised a way to open them. By means of core pulling, they also open doors that have a good lock. Simply put, with this method a screw is screwed into the cylinder of the lock, so that the entire cylinder can be removed in a very easy and fast way. This method is not difficult to implement and is currently very popular with burglars because many homes are not yet protected against this. In no time, even the door you thought was resistant to unwanted visitors will be open with the minimum of tools, and burglars can rest assured in your home. For this way of working they only need a screw and claw hammer, often part of the standard equipment of a prepared burglar. You want to avoid a burglary at all times, of course, not only because of the material aspect, but certainly also emotionally. Fortunately, not only burglars are inventive and you can certainly arm yourself by placing and anti-core pulling hardware.

What does the installation of anti-core pulling hardware involve?

Now that you know that core pulling is a popular way to open the locks of your home, you would also like to know what you can do about it and luckily you can do something about it. It installation of anti-core pulling batter ensures that burglars who think of your home and locks to have an easy job are wrong. The purpose of anti-core pulling hardware is to ensure that the cylinder cannot be used and that the core pulling system can no longer be used. To achieve this, the cylinder is shielded by an iron plate. As a result, your key can still be locked to open and close your door with the right key, but you can no longer get to your cylinder with a screw and therefore no longer take it out. Chances are that a burglar will immediately delete your home from his list when he sees that the locks are secured in this way and that is of course always the ultimate goal.

Ask your locksmith for advice

Would you like to know if your locks are protected against core pulling? Please feel free to make an appointment with your locksmith, who will be happy to inspect on site how safe your locks really are, taking into account the latest burglary techniques. Because this is a fairly recent burglary, there is a good chance that your home will not be equipped for this. Placing this anti-core pulling attachment is a small investment that is more than worth it in terms of emotional and financial damage in a burglary. You have worked hard and saved a lot. Obviously, you don't want people with bad intentions to access and steal your belongings quickly and easily. In any case, a well-secured home is a turnoff for burglars, as they like to make things easy for themselves.

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