Smart locks are not secure?

As we continue to digitize and get an increasingly faster data network, more and more clever tricks are being created to make our lives easier. Smart locks are a trend here. The operation is relatively simple, the locks are opened with an accompanying app on your smartphone. The reason most people go for this kind of smart, […]

What does opening a door cost?

Maybe you know all those exciting stories about the locksmith as a savior. And that savior helps you when you get locked out and then unpleasantly surprises you with a peppery bill. As with any profession, there are always bad apples in the basket. However, a story like this is not an accurate reflection of […]

36% of burglaries take place through the back door

burglary protection

The number of burglaries continues to rise sharply. This is partly due to the fact that burglars are constantly developing new techniques that make breaking in faster and faster. One of the popular break-in techniques is core pulling. A kind of screw is hammered into the lock so that the cylinder […]

Fix hinges and locks

flush-fitting locks

Hinges and locks include all means necessary to hang, open, fasten, close or lock doors or windows. Good quality hinges and locks are essential to keep burglars and other uninvited guests out. Good maintenance is important here, especially to maintain the best security […]

Repair burglary damage

Burglar-proof tips during holiday time

On average, there are 65.000 burglaries per year. Then in neighborhoods with well-secured homes, it can of course be a lot lower than in homes where little burglary prevention has been done. It is very annoying when you are the victim of a burglary. You discover that all kinds of valuable, and sometimes irreplaceable, items have been taken. […]

Insert locks for doors and windows

The work of a locksmith

There are different types of locks for windows and doors. They all aim to close homes and buildings as well as possible and thereby protect ourselves and our belongings against burglars. The range of locks for doors and windows is very extensive and you may find the forest for the trees […]

What to do in case of damage after core pulling?

core pulling

Core pulling, also known as cylinder pulling, is the most popular burglary method at the moment. Burglars turn a special screw into the lock and simply pull it out of the lock with the cylinder and all. With this method, burglars with an average lock gain access to your home in less than 3 minutes. Core traits and […]

Your locksmith will renew your locks after a break-in

Turn on a locksmith if you forget your keys

If you have been the victim of a burglary, many things will come your way and there is a lot you need to take care of. You must report to the police, you must make an inventory of the stolen goods and of the damage incurred and, if applicable, you must also […]

Safer living by replacing locks

locksmith installing by lock

A safe home, that is what everyone has in mind, a home that offers you and your housemates peace of mind and which means a safe haven. It is terrible, then, to think that someone with bad intentions would enter that safe haven unsolicited and take ownership of your belongings. You […]

Replace your locks after burglary

changing your locks repair

Undoubtedly the nightmare of many people, falling victim to a burglary. It turns your whole world upside down. Not only have you lost valuable possessions, but you also dread a lot of expense and a long period of emotional damage. Your home and your belongings are dear to you and a stranger has just arrived […]