Dear locksmiths

The good name of a city is of great importance, which is why the city also does everything in its power to defend this name in all areas. So also in the field of crime and the fight against it. Well-developed safety plans that have a preventive but also a repressive character. A good locksmith is a permanent partner in the fight against rising crime and that cooperation is therefore strongly focused on.

Your locksmith as a security advisor

Often the locksmith profession immediately refers to the person who comes to your rescue when you have forgotten your key, when your key has been broken or when a lock has been damaged for some reason and needs urgent repair or replacement. However, a locksmith does much more than just that. He is one of the best placed persons in the fight against crime for giving advice and numerous tips. He is better than anyone aware of the trends prevailing in the criminal environment, especially when it comes to burglaries. He knows which techniques burglars use to enter your home and how you can best protect yourself against them. And he likes to share that knowledge and experience with the residents of the Netherlands in order to contribute to a safer city where residents can live with peace of mind.

A security analysis of your home

The first step in creating a safe home is always to analyze the current situation. For this, your locksmith will come to your home and make the full tour of your home. He checks which access points there are, windows, doors, sliding doors and the like. From each of those access points he will then map out how high the degree of security is with the existing locks. Based on his knowledge of the burglary techniques used, he will check to what extent your locks are adapted to this. After completing the analysis, he will provide you with his advice, which includes all options for optimizing the security of the locks, for example by replacing ordinary locks with security locks, by placing additional locks, etc. The purpose of the analysis is always to ensure that your home becomes a lot less attractive for people with bad intentions. Subject to your agreement, he also ensures that the necessary adjustments are made in a professional manner.
Feel free to request a free analysis of your home and thus work with your locksmith on a safer Netherlands.

Urgent interventions

It goes without saying that your locksmith must also be someone you can turn to in case of emergency. If for some reason you can no longer enter your home or if a lock needs to be replaced due to a burglary or burglary or vandalism, you do not want to have to wait for days. It is therefore important to have a locksmith who works with a standby service so that you can always be helped in the shortest possible time, if necessary with a temporary solution. The locksmiths distinguish from this Slotenmaker Holland They offer a permanent service that ensures that every resident can immediately count on urgent help if necessary. We hope, of course, that this will never be necessary, but it provides a certain amount of peace if you know that it is.
Because a burglary can never be planned in advance, the locksmiths of Slotenmaker Holland available day and night with professional, high-quality and fast services.

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