reliable locksmith

How do you know if you are dealing with a reliable locksmith?

If you are locked out, your key has been broken or you have had a burglary, you want to be able to call someone you can trust. A burglary in particular can place a huge emotional burden on your shoulders. Do you hire a locksmith to help you? Make sure to pay attention to the information below, so that you can be sure that the rest of the process will go well.

Of course, you don't have to worry when you do Slotenmaker Holland calling: we only work with qualified and certified locksmiths. In addition, all work that we carry out is carried out in accordance with all legal requirements, so that you can return to your building with certainty.

What exactly does a locksmith do?

A good locksmith can do a lot for you. You can think of things like:

  • A key that broke off in the lock
  • When you have unexpectedly forgotten your key and are no longer able to enter
  • A lock that is defective, jammed or blocked
  • Placing new and better locks
  • Placing core pulling protection
  • Placing a multi-point lock

In addition, you can also go to a solid locksmith for thorough advice with regard to burglary protection and prevention. A locksmith is more than someone who opens your front door again; You should be able to rely on a locksmith when someone else has just taken that confidence away. For example, by burglary. So always pay close attention before you hire someone who probably does not want the best for you.

How do you recognize a good locksmith?

In order to distinguish a good locksmith from a bad one, you can pay attention to some factors that will steer you in the right direction. For example, a reliable locksmith will always discuss the prices of the work with you in advance. Often rogue locksmiths will only quote afterwards, which is often much higher than with honest competitors.

You can also ask on the phone, whether a locksmith takes an ATM. Shady locksmiths generally do not have such equipment, because only legally registered companies can use an ATM. Also pay attention to whether you receive a neat invoice. Does this not happen? Then you can certainly question the legality of the service.

Also note the information on the website

If a locksmith has no address or other name and address details on the site, you can immediately assume that something is not right. Also take a look at the references: if you see well-known companies here, this is usually a good sign. Bee Slotenmaker Holland You never have to be faced with surprises afterwards, because all our services as well as our precise working method can be consulted online.

A locksmith always keeps extra damage to a minimum

A certified locksmith will always try to minimize damage unlock a lock. But no locksmith can guarantee in advance that a lock can be opened without damage. Compare it to a good dentist; if you are dealing with an honest dentist and you are going to check with only one hole, the dentist will also only take care of this hole. The same goes for a good locksmith. If we can be of service to you with as little work as possible, we will do the same! Never trust a locksmith who thinks that everything should be replaced and repaired if this is not immediately necessary. Our expertise consists of relieving people, not of burdening more.

Can anyone just become a locksmith?

Unfortunately, the locksmith profession is not protected. This means that it is not mandatory to follow an education. But a good locksmith assures you of qualified and experienced employees, just like at Slotenmaker Holland the case is. We invest extra time and effort in continuous training,leiden and train where necessary. So that we can always provide you with the best possible service.

Need help with your lock?

Then call our expert team immediately. All locks we install are of high-quality A-brands, in addition, all locks have 2 or 3 stars in connection with the SKG quality mark. With us you never have to worry about the reliability of our service, because before the job starts we explain all costs clearly for you. Do you have questions? Then give us a call, we are happy to help you at any time.

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