Mortise locks keep burglars out

Mortise locks keep burglars out

Your home must always offer you a safe feeling. A place where you can stay without fear and in peace and which you can too

The most common burglary methods

The most common burglary methods

If there is one thing that is typical of almost all burglars, it is that creativity and ingenuity are not alien to them. All ways

Cylinder lock with key

Hallmark for cylinder locks

We all strive for a safe home. We have a lot of valuable goods, both material and emotional, in our home and we want them

Types of mortise locks

Types of mortise locks

If you are looking for nieuwe sloten for your home, you will find different terms, each of which indicates a specific type of lock.

locksmith installing by lock

Safer living by replacing locks

A safe home, that is what everyone has in mind, a home that offers you and your housemates a feeling of peace and security

changing your locks repair

Replace your locks after burglary

Undoubtedly the nightmare of many people, falling victim to a burglary. It turns your whole world upside down. Not only have you lost precious possessions,

Dear locksmiths

The good name of a city is of great importance, which is why the city also does everything in its power to defend this name in all areas. So