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Burglary protection: some basic tips for a safe feeling

It is extremely important for everyone to enjoy a well-secured home or business property. Otherwise you risk very unpleasant situations such as burglary. Burglars can cause a lot of damage and not only on a material level. The emotional effects of burglary can come in very hard and give you a long feeling of insecurity afterwards.

That is why it is extremely wise to think about preventive measures, which can largely prevent burglary in your building. In addition to a well-functioning lock, there are many simple things you can do or execute yourself to ward off burglars. In this article we give you some practical tips to make your home less susceptible to burglary and to give you a feeling of security.

Make sure that nothing is open or visible

One of the easiest ways for burglars to quickly get started is to leave things in plain sight. Of course, this also applies to unsealed windows or doors, because that is almost literally an invitation in combination with an expensive laptop right behind the window. When burglars keep a close eye on your home for a while, they also know exactly when you will go out and they can sneak in. So always close everything well and store expensive properties.

Also make sure that your building can be closed properly

In addition to closing doors and windows, the quality of the closure is also a very important point. A properly functioning lock on the door with the SKG quality mark is in principle a prerequisite to be able to speak of security at all. In addition, extra security for windows, rear doors and garage doors is certainly not an unnecessary luxury. Your building is your building, so make sure that only you can enter.

Visibility can make all the difference

Another point that influences the burglary sensitivity of a building is the visibility of the access roads. For example, if your front door is hidden behind a hedge, burglars are more likely to mark your home as a target than any other home on the street. So provide light, vision and in sensitive areas also a night light that moves on.

A good neighbor is always better than a distant friend

Nowadays there are so many options for extra supervision that it is almost a shame if you do not use it. For example, initiatives such as District Supervision and WhatsApp neighborhood prevention. And of course just your neighbor! When you are away from home, it is very pleasant to ask a neighbor to pay attention to quirks. If something strange happens, the neighbor can quickly call or contact you to let you know to return. It couldn't be easier, right?

Take extra precautions if you are going to be away for a long time

Are you going on vacation? Then it is smart to think about additional preventive measures. Holland Locksmith can always help you in the field of burglary protection, an inspection around your building to come up with the necessary advice and of course the implementation of this advice. We do that in accordance with the guidelines of the Police Seal. Interested? Call us for a no-obligation consultation.

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