Install anti-core pulling fittings for a safe home

anti-core pulling fittings

We are convinced that you will be happy to do everything you can to make your home not an easy target for burglars. You may already have invested in good locks, ensure that there are no tools lying around for burglars to use, and you provide adequate lighting in and around your home. Of course these are […]

Core pulling protection, what is it?

core pulling hardware-skg-3

If you want your house to be adequately protected against burglars, it is a requirement that your locks in particular meet the current standards. Locks are available in many degrees of burglary protection. This depends, among other things, on the way in which your house is secured and the number of stars that the […]

Are all locks equipped with burglary protection?

skg 3 star lock

If you want to protect your home properly, burglary protection and prevention is a must. But what exactly does this mean when it comes to your locks? Not all locks are the same, which is why the Stichting Kwaliteit Gevelbouw (SKG) has assigned a certain classification to various types of locks. This is done on the basis of tests, the outcome is […]