Types of mortise locks

Types of mortise locks

If you are looking for nieuwe sloten for your home, you will find different terms, each of which designates a specific type of lock. The longer you look around, the more terms you will encounter, which may make things unclear for you and make your choice difficult. A term that you on […]

Turn on a locksmith if you forget your keys

Turn on a locksmith if you forget your keys

Everyone among us has undoubtedly already experienced the following. In a hurry and with your thoughts already in a different place, you enthusiastically close the door behind you and realize only afterwards that your keys are still on the inside of the door or on the table inside. Often we even go […]

Opening a lock without the key: is that possible?

lock open without key

Have you lost your key, did you leave it inside when you left or do you not have a key to open your door for some other reason? Then you can do several things. First of all, we would like to emphasize that forcing your door yourself is absolutely not a good idea. Also your lock […]

A key stuck in the lock? You can do this!

key fixed

For various reasons you can have to deal with a key that suddenly cannot be removed from the lock. For example, your key may break, or it may no longer function smoothly due to rust. Your lock can also wear out over time or otherwise jam. In addition, something in the lock itself cannot be properly […]

Is your key stuck on the inside of the door?

broken cylinder lock

Many people leave their keys in the lock during the night. It may then happen that you want to go out in the morning and you suddenly cannot turn the key. This can have various causes; from a jammed or defective lock to a key that breaks. […]

Your key has broken off in the lock of your front door: now what?

broken key front door

It happens to almost everyone at least once in a lifetime: a broken key in the lock of your front door. Often this is also accompanied by haste or stress, causing you to press just a little harder when you try to close the lock and thus suddenly break the key. Of course that is at such a […]

Can a lock be opened with a screwdriver?

lock open locksmith

We often get the question what exactly is going on when people talk about 'opening a lock with a screwdriver'. Sometimes people think they can repair a defective lock by trying to turn the lock again with a screwdriver. We do not recommend this under any circumstances! You can on that […]

Does the door lock suddenly not open? This is what you can do

lock door not open

Have you ever locked yourself out? Then you know that this is particularly annoying, especially when you want to go somewhere in a hurry. This can happen because you have forgotten your key or it has been broken off in the lock. But in many cases it can also be a lock that suddenly no longer […]

Remove a broken key from your lock yourself: is that wise?

unlock the broken key

Nobody is waiting for a broken key in the lock of a front door. This is especially annoying when it happens at awkward moments, such as when you were about to leave and remember that you have forgotten something. So you run back to your front door, hastily stab the […]