Replace all your locks

Replace all your locks

Many people buy or build a house and actually pay very little attention to the locks that are present. Actually a wrong idea, because the entire security of your home stands or falls with it. There are many reasons to give your locks a thorough check and replace them where necessary […]

Different types of mortise locks

Mortise locks keep burglars out

For those who are not familiar with the operation and purpose of locks, all locks are about the same. However, nothing could be further from the truth, also among the locks there are many variants available on the market, each with their specific characteristics and price. The most used lock is still the mortise lock. After this we go deeper […]

What to do in case of a defective lock?

What to do in case of a defective lock?

First and foremost, let us say that the locks available on the market today are generally sturdy and durable. However, locks also have to deal with time and your lock will turn less smoothly over the years, it will be less easy to insert your key […]

Hallmark for cylinder locks

Cylinder lock with key

We all strive for a safe home. We have a lot of valuable goods in our home, both material and emotional, and we want to protect them as much as possible from people with bad intentions. Many ways are available to increase security, of which choosing certified cylinder locks is one […]

Choosing the best locks is now more important than ever

cylinder locks

Like everything else, ditches have come a long way in evolution. Several thousand years ago, the first locks were made of wood. These were only provided for the well-to-do citizen, after all, there was nothing to steal from the common man, so they did not need locks either. Only those who had something worthwhile […]

A broken key. What now?

broken key

Unfortunately, keys also have to cope with the test of time. Just imagine, you come home after a long working day, put the key in the lock and it breaks off. You still have one half of the key in your hands, the other half is still in the […]

Replacing your locks: is this a good idea?

Turn on a locksmith if you forget your keys

Did you know that the number of burglaries on an annual basis has fallen substantially over the past ten years? By 2012 there were almost 100.000, now that number has halved. Of course, 50.000 burglaries a year are still a lot, but halving means that something has changed. This is partly because modern homes are always […]

Why choose an SKG lock?

why choose a skg slot

Why choose a lock with the SKG quality mark? Securing a home or business premises is a serious matter if you value a sense of security and safety. But it can prove quite complicated to make the right choices in this area. How can you best secure your property? Which access roads […]

Keyed locks

flush-fitting locks

Replacing locks with keyed alike cylinders: is this useful? More and more people decide to equip their homes with better locks. A smart choice! After all, no one is waiting for burglars to sneak into your home or business premises. A solution that is in demand today concerns the installation of keyed alike cylinders. This method provides your […]

Everything about cylinder locks

Cylinder lock

Every home is a precious possession. It is the place where you can enjoy a safe haven with family and friends. It goes without saying that you want to protect this place well! In that case, a well-functioning and high-quality lock is a must. We often receive questions from people, […]