Locked out and left key inside

flush-fitting locks

Who can honestly say that he has never experienced it? You step out of your front door in good spirits, you quickly close the door behind you and when it is just too late, you realize that the key is still inside or has got stuck on the inside of the door. […]

Open lock with hairpin

The same address several times the target of burglars

Not entering your own home is very annoying to say the least and often this happens at the most inopportune moments. You urgently need to make an appointment, the children are waiting for you after school or you are already late for work and just then things go wrong. The key is still within […]

Professional locks keep burglars out

Best cylinder lock 2020

No one wants to be the victim of a home burglary. Strangers search your home, dig through your personal belongings and often cause a lot of damage. The consequences of this, also on a mental level, should not be underestimated. You may think that the most important thing is that your home has locks, whatever they may be. […]

Multi-point lock for more security

multi-point lock door

As a consumer, it is no easy task to look for the safest possible locks. The range is so large that you quickly lose the overview. Different manufacturers all promise you the best, but which is the best? We can already tell you that multi-point locks are not among the favorites […]

How and when will the burglary take place?

Burglary prevention tips

The current number of domestic burglaries shows that anyone can become a victim of this at any time. It doesn't matter where you live, burglaries happen everywhere and you can't even think about it happening to you. It is therefore a misconception to assume that only large houses […]

Should you replace locks when moving house or not?

Locksmith Ridderkerk

If you move to an existing home, it will already have locks on doors and windows. Easy for you, you might think, but is it a good idea for security to leave it that way? We'll go into it a little further. Are there any keys in circulation? An important and […]

Summer period locksmiths

what to do in case of burglary

Summer, traditionally the time to enjoy a well-deserved holiday and to fully recharge the batteries. We are going to live a gear lower, burglars, on the other hand, switch just a gear higher. Many people take trips or go on a trip, and those are the times for a burglar to […]

The History of Locks

Rust on your key? That's how you get rid of it

It is obvious to us that all our doors and windows have locks that prevent unwanted visitors. We therefore do not realize that locks and the accompanying keys have already undergone a complete evolution throughout history. Did you know that keys were even once seen as a symbol of power? Just think of those […]

Worden nieuwe sloten reimbursed by the insurer?

Turn on a locksmith if you forget your keys

Have you lost your keys, have they been stolen or have they been broken into? Then have your locks replaced. Even if the keys are lost or stolen, it is important to have your locks replaced, even if the keys have been found again. Because, who says that between the loss/theft and finding the keys […]

The latest lock trends

These manufacturers make your lock

Burglars are getting smarter. They develop all kinds of techniques to enter your home unseen, and therefore as quickly as possible. In order to stay one or two steps ahead of these criminals, more new techniques are also being used in the development of security locks. In this way, the latest trends in the field of […]