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Choosing the best locks is now more important than ever

Like everything else, ditches have come a long way in evolution. Several thousand years ago, the first locks were made of wood. These were only provided for the well-to-do citizen, after all, there was nothing to steal from the common man, so they did not need locks either. Only those who had something worth stealing could afford the cost of good locks. Today we can no longer imagine that we would leave our home without locking it and not even that we would sleep at night in a home that is free to enter. More and more investments are being made in professional security locks and, given the current crime figures, this is anything but an unnecessary luxury.

Evolve with the prevailing burglary trends

The fact that locks underwent a whole evolution has to do with the most common techniques of burglars to force locks. Every time a new method emerged, adjustments were made to the existing locks to make them resistant to them. We can therefore rightly say that the current locks are equipped with many techniques that make burglars as difficult and, above all, as time consuming as possible to open the lock. Especially the latter is a real disappointment for burglars. Choosing good locks is therefore a priority for your home. And by this we also mean solid locks for your windows, because this is unfortunately often lost sight of. A safe lock on your door is only half done if burglars through the windows are in no time. Security by means of locks requires a comprehensive approach on all doors and windows of your home, because one weak link can make the difference and all your other efforts will be undone.

Tested and approved

When you do decide to invest in safe locks, be aware that there is a very wide range on the market and you may not immediately know which ones are best for you. A good parameter is the presence of a quality mark, which means that the locks were extensively tested and also passed these tests with flying colors. There is no doubt for the Netherlands SKG (Foundation Quality Façade Construction) the best option. When you choose 3-star locks, you are assured of the highest degree of burglary protection.

The technology does not stand still for locks either

Did you know that there is also such a thing as smart locks? Few people are already aware of this, although they are increasingly entering. With these kinds of locks you no longer need a key to open or close your door, but you can operate the lock by means of an app on your smartphone. Not only does this provide a higher level of security, it also ensures that you don't keys can break or get lost. So many advantages at one lock.
Smart locks are a technological masterpiece that perfectly combines ease of use and security.

An analysis by your locksmith

Certainly for slightly more recent homes, it may appear at first sight that the locks are very high-quality and professional. However, this does not always have to be the case. If you want to be sure, it is also recommended to go to your locksmith. He will check and evaluate all available locks and propose you the various options available. A locksmith is better than anyone aware of the risks and techniques of burglars and will be able to draw up a plan specifically for your home that will protect you in the best possible way when it comes to locks. Invest today in good, safe locks, in your safety and that of your housemates and belongings.

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