The most common burglary methods

The most common burglary methods

If there is one thing that is typical of just about all burglars, it is that creativity and ingenuity are not alien to them. All ways are good to achieve their goal and they respond well to the latest trends in home security. Whenever a new form of security is designed, a way to bypass this security is also devised. No wonder the world of burglary protection is constantly evolving. We will go over the most used and most popular intrusion methods with you.

Core drawing

This method is also known as the Romanian method. Here, burglars use a screw that they screw into the cylinder of the lock. By then applying great force with pliers, they can break the cylinder and have your door open in no time. You can arm yourself against this by installing core pulling protection. An iron plate placed in front of the cylinder ensures that the cylinder is no longer accessible and therefore core pulling is no longer a way to break into your house.

The Bulgarian method

With the Bulgarian method, burglars will try to loosen the plate around the lock of your door with a screwdriver. Once the plate can be removed, the cylinder protrudes a bit from the lock and can be broken off. A broken cylinder offers easy access to your home. Placing a steel security fitting will ensure that the burglar can no longer access the cylinder.


Unfortunately, a method we often see in movies that seems too simple to be true is often used by burglars in reality. The burglar will try to pull the door handle down through the letterbox in your door or a hatch to open the door in a simple way. Of course, this only works if the door is not locked, which also implies that you can arm yourself against this method by always locking your door with the key and not simply closing it. Other ways to counter this method are placing a rotary knob on the inside of the door or shielding the letterbox and / or the hatch.


For doors that are not locked with a key, pinball is perhaps the simplest, fastelstThe easiest way to break in. By placing a bank card or other plastic card between the frame and the door, a burglar can push the lock back and open the door. So always remember to close your door or install an anti-burglary strip. This strip ensures that there is no more space between the frame and the door and that the bank card can no longer be slid in between.

View your home through the eyes of a burglar

People often do not think about the possibilities that burglars are offered to do their own thing. Now that you have knowledge of the most commonly used burglary methods, you can easily check to what extent your home is resistant to this. You look at your home through the eyes of the burglar, as it were, and look for the weak spots. Your locksmith will help you get rid of the pain points found and make it more difficult for burglars to enter your home with simple methods.

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