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The latest lock trends

Burglars are getting smarter. They develop all kinds of techniques to enter your home unseen, and therefore as quickly as possible. In order to always be one or two steps ahead of these criminals, more new techniques are also being used in the development of security locks. In this way, the latest trends in the field of locks arise every time.

Cylinder locks with side locks are no longer sufficient 

Cylinder locks are available in different security classes, expressed in SKG. The number of stars indicates how long it takes a burglar to open the lock. Locksmiths always recommend choosing a lock with SKG** certification in any case. Nevertheless, cylinder locks in combination with side locks no longer belong to today's trends. When new-build homes are built, multi-point locks are increasingly opted for. With a multi-point lock, there is still a cylinder, but the door is locked in three places. The door is locked at the top, bottom and side. The great thing about the multi-point lock is that you only need one key. It takes burglars much more effort to force these types of locks. Therefore, they quickly skip the house when they discover that a multi-point lock is present.

Smart and electric locks

There seems to be no end to digitization in the future either. In fact, due to the development of IoT, the Internet of Things, more and more smart devices are being developed that you can connect to a smartphone via the internet. Think of a smart thermostat, security and smart lighting. Even in the field of locks, IoT has a huge influence. Think of smart locks that work in combination with existing locks. This allows you to open doors with an app. Keys are no longer required, which means that the risk of being locked out due to loss or theft of keys disappears.

Nieuwe sloten and burglary prevention at Slotenmaker Holland

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