Open the door with the key on the inside

Open the door with the key on the inside

More haste less speed. An age-old wise spell that still regularly proves its value. Just think about it, quickly grab your coat and bag before you arrive late for work. You unscrew the door, walk out and close the door behind you… with the keys still inside the lock. Besides the fact that you do not have your keys with you now, you cannot open the door with a spare key. 

It happens to all of us

It happens to everyone, an exclusion. It just happens. Leave keys in the house or leave them in the door. Lost or even stolen keys are all causes of lockouts. An exclusion is not that easy to solve. With the key still on the inside, opening the door is even more difficult. Fortunately, a locksmith can help you with this. Locksmiths today are a whole lot more than just the person duplicating your keys. For example, a locksmith will help you with burglary prevention, but also with repairing burglary damage, installing an emergency lock and thus solving a lockout.


Should the door be opened while the keys are still on the inside? Then you are looking for a locksmith who is reliable. A locksmith with transparent prices where you always know where you stand. Slotenmaker Holland is your reliable lock specialist. And because a lockout always comes at a time when it could not turn out worse, you are also looking for a locksmith who will not leave you in the cold for hours. Please contact Slotenmaker Holland, we will usually be at your door within half an hour. You can also reach us 24 hours a day on weekends and public holidays.

Certified locksmiths

At Slotenmaker Holland we only work with experienced and certified locksmiths. These specialists can solve almost any lockout for you with specialist tools without damage. This means that you can use the lock again afterwards. However, a comment should be made here: if we open the door with the keys on the inside, the lock can be used for damage-free opening. If we have had to resolve a lockout in connection with lost or stolen keys, we recommend that you also immediately nieuwe sloten to place. You want to be sure that you can securely lock your home or business premises, which is not possible when there are still keys in circulation somewhere. If necessary, we can immediately install a new lock for you. Bee Slotenmaker Holland you get a five-year warranty on locks and their installation as standard. If we can do something for you, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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