These manufacturers make your lock

These manufacturers make your lock

If you are looking for nieuwe sloten, chances are that you invariably end up with the same manufacturers. There are not so many manufacturers worldwide who make high-quality, reliable and safe locks. All of them have a highly developed development department that is constantly working on even safer and better locks and locks that are resistant to the latest intrusion methods. When a new intrusion method enters the market, a team of specialists immediately looks for a security mechanism against it. If burglars have found a way to force and open certain locks, a team of experts will start improving the existing locks again. The world of security is changing rapidly, so lock manufacturers are also following suit. We would like to give you a list of the best known manufacturers when it comes to good, safe and durable locks.


Nemef is a manufacturer that is known among locksmiths, but less among the general public. Chances are that you will not immediately ring a bell when you hear this name. Nemef is part of the larger, and better known to the general public, Assa Abloy Group. You have probably come across this name before and you may even have locks from this manufacturer in your home. As a world market leader, with approximately 100 years of experience, this group is the expert when it comes to developing and manufacturing locks. Innovation, durability and a high degree of security are paramount in every new design.


The locks of this manufacturer are characterized by the separate structure of the keys, which makes it extremely difficult for burglars to force and open these locks. The keys are flat but have both balls, grooves and slots, so you will only be able to open the lock with the key with the correct layout. Not a brand that burglars like to meet in their path, but a brand with which you can greatly benefit in terms of security. Every day, a team of designers at DOM worldwide is developing even safer locks.


This Dutch brand has undergone a real evolution in recent years. Where in the past there was a strong focus on the simpler locks, there is now also a lot of work on the development and production of safety locks. If you as a consumer want locks from a home-grown manufacturer, AXA is an excellent choice. By receiving the SKG quality mark and the police quality mark for safe living, AXA no longer has to be in the shadow of the larger manufacturers. For your home you can also find locks with a high degree of security that meet all requirements.

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As a layman it can be very difficult to determine which locks are the best and safest now. The choice is wide, the manufacturers all pride themselves on their locks being the safest, and prices often run the same line. Your locksmith is best placed to advise you on this. His years of experience with the different brands ensure that he can designate the best lock for every type of door. He is therefore happy to share his knowledge and experience with you to make your home a safe home.

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