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Does the door lock suddenly not open? This is what you can do

Have you ever locked yourself out? Then you know that this is very annoying, especially when you want to go somewhere in a hurry. This can happen because you have forgotten your key or it has been broken off in the lock. But in many cases it can also be a lock that suddenly no longer functions properly.

You can then try to turn the key in the lock, without any effect. The reasons for this are varied, so it is important that you always call in a locksmith in case of a defective lock. If you try to repair this yourself, you risk causing even greater damage. Do not try to force the door, because then you will have to pay extra repair costs afterwards. In this article we provide some more information about the procedure for a lock that is broken, a lock that can no longer be opened with a key and a lock that is blocked.

How can a lock be broken or blocked?

Locks, like all other objects of use, may not work as well at any given time, or even not at all. Everything wears out once, so locks will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. Below we explain the most common reasons why a lock suddenly stops working properly.

Wear or age of the lock

If you have been using your lock for several years, the lock may suddenly crash one day. This can take decades if you have a more expensive lock, but sometimes this can happen after a few years. The various wet weather conditions in the Netherlands also do not always help, especially if you do not regularly maintain your lock with a means that keeps the lock smooth. In that case, the only option is to replace the lock, of course we can help you with this.

Corrosion in the cylinder

Due to the weather conditions mentioned above, corrosion can also occur over time. This can vary from limescale, hygroscopic salts to rust. As a result, the lock will turn much less smoothly, which may even cause it to jam at some point. A key with rust or corrosion can also cause this. You can also prevent this by keeping the lock and keys smooth with a special lock lubricant (never use WD-40, the lock can get stuck).

Cold weather conditions

Frost can block ditches because frozen moisture can expand in winter. As a result, the lock can turn a lot stiffer than during warmer weather conditions. The frost can also cause corrosion and rust. In such a case, there are special anti-freeze agents, which you can spray into the lock to get the lock going again. If this does not work, then comes Slotenmaker Holland help you immediately.

Worn or mismatched key

A key that has been affected by the proverbial test of time can suddenly no longer fit properly. This makes it very difficult to turn the key in the lock. It could be that the key remains stuck in the lock. In this case, the lock can also get blocked, or you can accidentally break the key. In this scenario too, we recommend calling a specialist immediately, or using another key, if you have it available at the time.

Dirt or sand in the lock

When you work outside, or in an environment where sand is used, this may end up on your key. If you then insert the key into the lock several times, the dirt can cause a blockage, causing the lock to malfunction. You can often get the dirt out yourself, by spraying a little special lock lubricant into the lock (never use WD-40, the lock can get stuck). Also clean your key every time before using it, this will prevent your lock from working properly.

Too much pressure with your key

Finally, it can be stated that you can put too much pressure on the lock. This allows break the key and get stuck. You can also structurally turn your key too hard, so that the lock is subject to wear over time. Always open your doors quietly and carefully to prevent this.

How do our locksmiths work with a broken or blocked lock?

When you are dealing with one of the above situations, then comes Slotenmaker Holland visit you directly to repair your lock. Is this no longer possible? Then our experienced locksmiths can install a new lock for you on location. Of course everything is done in consultation with you and we give a clear price indication before the start of the work.

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