broken key

A broken key. What now?

Keys also have to deal with the test of time, unfortunately. Just imagine, you come home after a long working day, put the key in the lock and hop it breaks off. One half of the key is still in your hands, the other half is still in the lock. Not pleasant to come home, that much is certain. Or you must quickly take something that you have forgotten inside and which is absolutely necessary to have with you, and you will not get back inside because of a key that has broken off. A problem of course and this often happens at times that really do not work out well. But as always, there is a solution for every problem.
Various causes can cause your key to break, such as metal fatigue, frequent exposure to various temperature conditions or an old and rather stiff lock. Whatever the cause, it remains an annoying problem for you, but luckily it can be fixed quickly.

Try to remove the key yourself

Inventive as we are, we always try to find a way to come up with the solution when a problem arises, without having to call in professional help. There are several ways to try to get a broken key out of the lock yourself, unfortunately the chances of success are not very high. But of course it is worth a try, especially if you are a "handy Harry". A first way you could try is to try with superglue to get the two parts back together, so that you can get the broken part out of the lock. Caution is advised here, it is of course not the intention that your entire lock will be covered with glue. If you are successful, you must take into account that you cannot reuse the compound key and will have to provide a new copy. If you are lucky enough to have a small part of the broken part sticking out of the lock, you could try to take this part out with pliers. Much will depend on how smoothly the key goes in and out of the lock, a non-slip lock will offer less chance of success.

Your locksmith offers salvation

If you have not had success after several attempts or if you want immediate assistance from a professional, your locksmith offers you his help. Because of the knowledge and experience, removing a piece of key from the lock is child's play for him. Unlike yourself, the locksmith has professional equipment to do this joblaren and will do so with utmost precision to avoid further damage. In the worst case, if the key can no longer be removed from the lock, your locksmith can drill out the complete lock and replace it immediately. It need not be said that a key never simply breaks off and that there were probably problems with either the lock or the key before the incident.

Has your key broken off? Call the lock-up service of your locksmith and in no time a professional will be at your doorstep to help you further. Removing the piece of key, replacing the key or even replacing the entire lock, it doesn't have to be an insurmountable problem if you speak to an expert.
As a small tip we can also give you the following. Do you experience at times when your lock no longer works as smoothly as before? Do not wait until the key effectively breaks down, but immediately ask your locksmith for advice. It is still a better option to be prepared and avoid unpleasant surprises.

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