Emergency service

Need help quickly? In urgent cases, we are usually at your door within 30 minutes.

Emergency service

Need help quickly? In urgent cases, we are usually at your door within 30 minutes.
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If you have a problem with your lock or access to your property, you would of course prefer to be helped as quickly as possible. There is nothing worse than being left out or, in extreme cases, seeing your home or office building broken open and damaged as a result of a burglary. Region Locksmith is always there for you in such cases. We offer our emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can be helped quickly and not have to wait outside in the cold. Our specialists use their expertise and experience to open your door completely damage-free, to install an emergency lock, to replace your locks or to have an extra key made. In the vast majority of cases we can be on site within 15 to 30 minutes.

Where in the Netherlands do we offer our locksmith emergency service?

Region Locksmith has several locations throughout the Netherlands and as such we can be on site anywhere very quickly to help you. Often there is an urgent need in a situation where you no longer have access to your home or business premises, especially when this happens in the middle of the night. We can assist you in multiple scenarios with our expert help. Below you can read the most common problems that we have experienced in recent years and successfully solved for other customers. Sometimes it can be a combination of required services, but we always make sure that you can enter and / or close your property properly.

We are active in the Amersfoort, Amsterdam Arnhem, Rotterdam and Utrecht regions. 

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Your key has broken off in the lock or your lock is damaged

A common reason for being on location quickly is a broken key. Over time, locks can wear or rust, causing the mechanism to stop working smoothly. A key can also wear out a little after years of use, making it increasingly difficult to open the lock. Sometimes you can come home after a night out or after work, and then not get the door open, because part of the key breaks off. In such cases you can always contact us directly, we are quickly at your door to help you with the situation.

Often we can still get the remaining part of the key out, without damaging the lock. We can also open damaged locks for you, but it is often necessary to replace the lock immediately. After all, a damaged lock no longer provides good security for your home. In these cases we place a new lock with the SKG quality mark that is suitable for your building.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my key, can you help?

Another problem that we often see again is a key that is still inside. Or you may have left it elsewhere and at that time you do not have the means to get the key. You can call us with confidence, we will come directly to you to open the door. This always happens completely damage-free, so that you can simply use your door and lock afterwards. Only, if the lock is outdated or defective, we recommend that you immediately replace your lock with a new and properly functioning lock.

I have been burgled, can you come urgently?

Burglary is always a reason for our emergency service. In any case, when your building has been broken into, this is very annoying and painful for you. Burglary often results in major damage, both to your home and property, emotional damage and a reduced sense of security. In case of burglary, we always recommend that you immediately contact the police and then call us. We will come directly to your location to inspect the damage, after which we will tell you how we proceed. Sometimes the damage cannot be repaired at once, in these cases we temporarily close your property with the help of an emergency shutdown. The next day we will visit you again to repair the damage and immediately replace your locks.

Can you help me if I lost my key?

Finally, a lost or stolen key deserves another mention. If you are standing in front of a closed door without a key, we will of course come directly on site to let you in. In this case, however, we will also recommend replacing your locks, otherwise you risk that someone will still be able to access your home if someone else has your key. We can also advise you directly about the possibilities, such as a multi-point lock to protect your property even better against burglars. Of course you will also receive new keys from us immediately to enter your home or business premises.

Can you help me directly?

Nobody can prepare well for an emergency, it is always a shock. Fortunately, you can count on our expertise and services in such cases. We ensure that the situation is quickly restored and that you can move into or close your property with a safe feeling. Don't have cash in your pocket? No need to worry, because our specialists always have an ATM with them. Call us immediately if you need immediate help and we will assist you with our emergency service.

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