FAQ Locksmiths

FAQ Locksmiths

We would like to list the most frequently asked questions about locksmiths for you. Can't find the answer to your question here? Your locksmith will certainly help you further.

What can I go to my locksmith for?

Your locksmith will help you with all the work on your locks and the optimization of the security of your home by installing the best possible locks. We go through the options.
• If you have locked yourself out, your locksmith will open your door in no time and with as little damage as possible. If necessary, he will also replace your locks.
• If your key breaks off in the lock, your locksmith will professionally remove the broken off part and will also provide you with new keys.
• If the locks of your home are due for renovation, your locksmith will advise you and take over the replacement of the locks.
• If you would like to know how you can best protect your home by placing safety locks, your locksmith will draw up advice for you and, if desired, he will also take care of its implementation.
These are the most common assignments that your locksmith can perform for you. You can also add opening safes and programming digital locks to the list.

How do I find a good locksmith?

In the Netherlands, the locksmith profession is not protected, which means that anyone can use this title without any training. Is there nothing you can base your choice on? Still, there are some things that indicate that you have found a reliable and professional locksmith. In most cases, the locksmith will drive a stickered car containing the details of his company. Also check the internet to see if the locksmith you have in mind has a website and if there are reviews about his work.
A golden advice that we can give you is always to make clear agreements for the work and to have it put on paper with a quotation. A reliable locksmith will certainly not make this a problem.

What does a locksmith cost?

No statutory rates have been set for the activities of a locksmith. Much will depend on the duration and complexity of the work and the distance to your home. Furthermore, the time at which the work is carried out is of course important. If you need a locksmith on a weekday during office hours, it will cost significantly less than you would call the service on a weekend night.
In certain cases you can also count on an intervention from your insurance. If you became a victim of a burglary and you are insured for it, chances are that this insurance will also reimburse the costs of repairing and / or replacing locks. You should check this with your insurance broker.

How can I become a locksmith myself?

Do you see a job as a locksmith for yourself? Many started their careers by working with an already established locksmith to learn the tricks of the trade there. Learning by doing certainly applies here. You can also follow various training courses, often with security firms that ensure that you can also work independently as a locksmith. It is a great job with a wide variety of assignments where you have a lot of human contact. Keep in mind that we are not talking about a nine to five job here, weekend and night work are also included.

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