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Replacing locks with keyed alike cylinders: is this useful?

More and more people decide to provide their homes with better locks. A smart choice! After all, no one is waiting for burglars who can sneak into your home or business premises. A solution that is popular nowadays concerns the installation of keyed alike cylinders. This method provides your building with several locks, all of which can be opened with the same key.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to this; it is therefore advisable to consider what is important to you. You will lose your keys fairly quickly, or are you often looking for your keys? Then this method can literally open doors for you. In other cases it may be wise to place several different locks. In this article you will find more information about this method, so that you are better able to make a good decision in this area.

What are keyed alike cylinders and how does this method work?

If you have keyed alike cylinders installed, all your locks will be replaced by cylinders that are all identical. This means that you can open all locks with just one key. In principle, all locks are suitable for this: doors, windows, the garage and an entrance gate to your garden, for example. This option also offers many possibilities in a business setting, because you no longer have to walk around with a huge bunch of keys.

What advantages do keyed alike cylinders offer?

The biggest advantage of keyed alike cylinders is undoubtedly the ease of use. You can make multiple copies of one key, which you can place in multiple places. If you are often looking for a specific key, for example the back door, because you only carry the key of your front door with you, you can save a lot of time by continuously using the same key.

You also don't have to put multiple keys in the same lock until you have the right one. If you use keyed alike cylinders for your business premises, you can always have the same key made if a staff member loses his or her key. In short: you save yourself and others probably a lot of time and effort.

When can the installation of keyed alike cylinders cause problems?

By far the biggest disadvantage of keyed alike cylinders is the fact that you have all locks replaced if you unexpectedly lose the key. In principle, this should not be a problem, since you can easily create multiple keys and place them in various places in and around your home. You can also keep a spare key in your car, so you always have access to your property.

Unfortunately, when breaking in, it is necessary to replace all locks. In any case, we recommend that you always opt for high-quality locks with the SKG quality mark, ideally with 3 stars. In this way you can virtually prevent the risk of burglary, so that you do not have to replace your locks.

Slotenmaker Holland professionally replaces your locks

All our employees are qualified locksmiths. We also work exclusively with locks of A-brands, which of course fall under the Police Hallmark for Safe Living and have at least 2 stars in accordance with the SKG classification. We ensure that your locks are placed professionally, so you can be sure that the lock functions perfectly. For more information or a tailor-made offer, you can always contact us without obligation.

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