Good locks keep burglars out for longer

Good locks keep burglars out for longer

A fact that we invariably find with almost all burglars is the fear of losing time. They want to be safely in your home in the shortest possible time, especially because once within the chance of being seen, it is considerably smaller. However, they spend the time they need to force a lock or break a door on the street or in the garden and are more likely to be noticed by a neighbor or someone who happens to pass by and to notify emergency services. They would of course like to avoid this and that is why they prefer to choose houses where they can enter relatively quickly. You know from that knowledge that you will reduce the chance that your house will be chosen to break in if you take as many measures as possible to increase the time to get in. An easy way to get this is to invest in good locks.

How can locks help you prevent a break-in?

In general, a burglar to enter your home will have to force a lock. Many techniques are available for this that are adapted to the degree of security of the house in question. No burglar will make it more difficult than necessary. The less time and less tools he needs for this, the better he likes it. A first good tip that we can already give you is simple. Your home has locks, so always use them. How often does it happen that people leave their home for a short period of time, for example to quickly run errands, and when they return, determine that they were indeed the victim of a burglary in that short period. A door that has not been closed is a burglar's dream. Due to the technique of fishing (pulling the latch down with iron wire) or pinball (pushing the lock back with a bank card) they are just as fast as you could with your key. A lock can also provide a false sense of security. People often think too quickly that any lock is good and therefore do not consider how effective the lock really is. However, we can immediately tell you that not every lock is the same and that there is indeed a lot of difference in quality and reliability among the locks. Do you want to protect your home as well as possible against burglars? Then choose a safety lock with the SKG *** quality mark. This quality mark is not only strongly recommended by the police label safe living, it also ensures that a burglar takes an average of five minutes longer to force or break open this lock. Five minutes may not seem long in itself, but for a burglar they mean a world of difference. A burglar who notices that your doors have SKG *** locks is more likely to give up trying and move on to another home where he may be more lucky. And that's just the difference you can make by betting on good locks.

An investment that pays off

You will see that when you look for nieuwe sloten, you will find different price ranges and those differences can be really big. The price of a lock does not say everything about the quality, of course, but it will already give you a first indication of quality and security. How tempting it can seem to be for that cheaper copylaren to choose, you always have to consider whether the lower price is in proportion to the risks you take with it. If you can prevent your home from being picked by a burglar by purchasing a lock with a three-star rating, you will soon save more than the price you paid for the locks. Just calculate what the value of the stolen goods and the damage caused by breaking in will cost you. Let us not even speak of the emotional damage that is incurred and lingers on for a long time.

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