flush-fitting locks

Fix hinges and locks

Hinges and locks include all means necessary to hang, open, fasten, close or lock doors or windows. Good quality hinges and locks are essential to keep burglars and other uninvited guests out. Good maintenance is important here, especially to be able to continue to guarantee the best security.

Recognize or recognize hinges and locks in poor condition

Have your locks checked by a certified locksmith once every two to three years. This allows the locksmith to judge whether the hinges and locks still work properly. You can also pay attention to signals of a lock that no longer works completely smoothly. For example, you may notice that the key no longer fits smoothly in the lock. Or maybe the key is twisting. This is often a sign of an old and rusty lock. Of course you want to avoid being locked out because the key breaks in the lock. This is one of the biggest risks if you don't take action with a rusty lock. So let a locksmith come by and advise you. In most cases you will be advised to have a new lock fitted. The locksmith can generally take care of this for you directly.

Burglary damage

Has your house been broken into? Hugely annoying. In addition to the fact that you may miss things, there is a good chance that burglary damage has also occurred. Think not only of possible window damage and damage to frames, but also locks. And even if there is no visible damage to the locks, it is still wise to have a locksmith look at the status of the locks. Always call the police first before touching, moving and calling the locksmith. They can then first do thorough trace research. The locksmith will then visit you to repair the damage and replace the locks with new and safe locks. Contact the experts at Slotenmaker Holland, then a qualified locksmith will usually be on your doorstep within 30 minutes. If desired, we can also immediately see whether we can install extra safe locks, such as the multi-point lock.

Hire a locksmith to replace hinges and locks

Slotenmaker Holland is your specialist when it comes to installing and replacing locks. We only work with the best locks from A-brands such as Axa, Dom, Nemef and Lips. In any case, we recommend choosing a lock with the SKG** quality mark. Also consider a multi-point lock and core pull protection to make it even more difficult for burglars. Are you curious about the security of your home or would you like more information about which locks are suitable for your home? You can Slotenmaker Holland also enable for burglary prevention.

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