The same address several times the target of burglars

The same address several times the target of burglars

You would rather not think about falling victim to a burglary. A stranger who walks through your home, who searches your belongings and who carefully chooses his loot. In addition to the financial consequences you will experience, it also has a lot to do emotionally. Long after the break-in, you will be on your guard when you arrive at your home and at the slightest noise you will be startled, all normal reactions that almost every victim recognizes. If your house has been selected several times by burglars as a target, it is a nightmare that you seem to experience. Unfortunately it is reality.

Quiet neighborhoods attract burglars

People who live in a quiet and prosperous neighborhood are at increased risk of being visited by burglars and maybe even more than once. The average burglar likes to be able to go about his business quietly and to walk as little as possible in the spotlight. He always wants to avoid getting caught, which is why quiet and somewhat remote neighborhoods are the perfect target. A neighborhood where there is little through traffic, where few people walk on the street and where the houses are partly hidden from view, is the favorite neighborhood of just about every burglar.

Go for increased security yourself

The Dutch are investing massively in the security of their homes due to the rising burglary rates. Of course, this also means that the number of homes that are easy to break into is decreasing. If your home is not properly and professionally secured, there is a greater chance that your home will be selected for burglary. With that in mind, you can reduce that chance yourself by investing in better security. In this way you ensure that a burglar who investigates homes where it is easy to get loot, this time also ignores your home because it is too well secured. Is your home not well lit, not equipped with security locks and located in a good location? There is a good chance that you will indeed receive unwanted visitors several times. Security locks, extra door bolts, roller shutters, sufficient lighting, an alarm system, these are just a few of the options that can help you in the fight against domestic burglaries.

Call on the expertise of your locksmith

If you want to ensure that burglars don't stand a chance on you, and certainly not several times, it is a good idea to do a thorough check of the security of your home. Unfortunately, many people only do this after they have already been the victim of a burglary. Your locksmith is the expert in security and will help you identify the weak spots in your home. Based on his advice, you can then start increasing security and discourage burglars from choosing your home.

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