How do you recognize an authentic locksmith?

Unfortunately, the Locksmiths Branch has to deal with rogue locksmiths. How can you be sure that you are dealing with a reliable locksmith?

In any case, adhere to the following guidelines, you will almost certainly avoid doing business with the wrong party.

Google ads

Rogue Locksmiths often use “sponsored Google ads”. You can recognize the advertisements because there is "Ad" next to the advertisements. We make no use of Google Ads.

Marktplaats is also a platform where rogue locksmiths can quickly create a new advertisement, which is why not all parties on the site are always reliable. We advertise did not on marktplaats, or any other portal, except this website. 


If you email, see if the locksmith emails you from the domain email, such as, rogue locksmiths will often approach you from a @, @ or general free email address. 

If you call the locksmith, ask which company he or she belongs to. Check whether that information matches the website. Always write down which employee and company you spoke to and save the phone number.

Check Chamber of Commerce data
If in doubt, check the company name on the Chamber of Commerce Website. (Click here for our Chamber of Commerce registration). You can also check if the Chamber of Commerce result matches the website url you are looking at. In our search result you will see our website, for example. ( Never pay to an account number that does not match the Chamber of Commerce name of your Locksmith.

Price and payment

Always discuss a price indication with the locksmith, and preferably you will receive that price indication by Whatsapp or Email. If it turns out to be higher, or turns out to be more work, the locksmith must go with you beforehand discuss whether you agree with the price.

Payment Methods

If you transfer money, receive an invoice or make a debit card payment. In that case, the company details that you have been told must match the name on the account. Is this not the case, or does a locksmith ask you to pay in cash or transfer to another account number? Then something might not be right, don't pay until you are sure it's right.

How can you be sure that you are doing business with the right party?

- We have contact by email via @
- Our general telephone numbers are on the website 
- We do not have a marketplace or Google advertisements, and we do not have any other websites
- Our technicians wear our work clothes with it Slotenmaker Holland logo
- Our technicians will visit you in a company car with Slotenmaker Holland stickers. 
- Our invoices have it Slotenmaker Holland logo (containing our website).
- Our technicians always speak with you beforehand a price, you will never be faced with surprises. 

Our payment details:
- You only pay by card machine to our technician (We accept never cash or cash partial payments). 
- If you prefer to make a transfer, this can only be done on our bank account number NL23 BUNQ 2044 4850 44 in the name of Slotenmaker Holland.

We have no payment options other than transfer to the above account number or pin at our technician. You always receive a receipt. 

Do you want to be sure? Check the reviews of your business partner
Rogue Locksmiths often don't have any reviews.

You can always Google the company name for reviews.