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How much does a locksmith actually cost?

Is your key stuck, is your key broken in the lock or is your lock no longer functioning? Or have you been burgled and want to know how high the damage items are? We are often asked how much we charge for our services, but this question can only be answered on a case-by-case basis. All our services are tailor-made and therefore we cannot give you general prices.

Of course we want to work completely transparent, so we have listed several factors in this article that affect our rates and prices. For example, if your lock no longer works, it is not always necessary to replace your lock. Sometimes some maintenance can be enough to get your lock working again. Read on for useful information about our method, services and products.

The importance of properly maintaining locks

First of all, we would like to draw your attention to the importance of maintaining your lock. Locks, like many other things, are subject to wear and defects. This often has to do with dirt, damage from wet weather conditions or a key that no longer fits properly. We advise you to spray your lock every now and then with a special lock lubricant (never use WD-40, the lock can get stuck) and also keep your keys clean.

This prevents dirt or sand from getting into your lock, but the inclement weather can also have less influence on the condition of your lock. Also pay attention to frost and the risk of corrosion: in winter, for example, you can use a special frost protection agent to prevent moisture from freezing in your lock. This guarantees that all parts of the lock will continue to work properly.

How do our locksmiths work?

Do you still have problems with your lock? Then you can call us immediately, we are usually at your closed front door within half an hour. In the first instance we will always try to get your lock working again, for example by removing a broken key. We can also easily remove dirt and sand if you have not been able to do so yourself.

We will always discuss with you in advance the price that we charge for the work we expect to perform. If we believe that there are several solutions, we will of course present the most advantageous method to you first. Is this not possible? Then we try alternative methods. If your lock really can't be saved anymore, then we replace your lock. Of course you have total freedom of choice regarding the new lock that we install.

Does your lock still need to be replaced?

If we place a new lock with you, we will present you with various options that are possible in your situation. All our locks naturally meet the SKG quality mark. This can be a slot with two or three stars; the higher the number of stars, the better the security. We also work exclusively with A-brands, so that we can continuously guarantee the quality of our products and services to our customers. Thus, you are assured that the new lock is within it Police Hallmark for Safe Living (PKVW) and your home is perfectly protected against burglary. Of course, these locks are also well protected against other things, such as corrosion and weathering.

You can also choose from various types of security, such as a cylinder lock with core pulling protection or a lock with a multi-point lock. The latter in particular has become increasingly popular in recent times, because a multi-point lock literally keeps burglars out because these locks lock your door at three points. It goes without saying that a lock with better security is also more expensive than a simpler cylinder lock from the local hardware store. On the other hand, you do get quality in return and the assurance that your home is well protected. And this can save you much more money and damage in the long run!

How much do you pay in the end?

The price you pay to us therefore depends on various factors, which we determine on the basis of the following questions:

  • What is wrong with your lock?
  • Can we repair the lock?
  • If not; do you want us to replace your lock?
  • What kind of new lock do you want to have installed?
  • Do you want to take extra measures elsewhere in and around your building?

If you urgently need our help, you can immediately call Slotenmaker Holland. We will come to you within 30 minutes and provide you with a clear and concrete quotation in advance, after all the above questions have been answered. So you don't have to face more surprises than is already the case.

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