Burglary prevention tips

How and when will the burglary take place?

The current number of domestic burglaries shows that anyone can become a victim of this at any time. It doesn't matter where you live, burglaries happen everywhere and you can't even think about it happening to you. It is therefore a misconception to assume that only large houses in expensive neighborhoods are targeted by burglars.
The impact of a burglary is enormous, the financial loss increases and the emotional damage is all too often underestimated. The good news is that you can do a lot yourself to significantly reduce the risks.

Burglars work creatively and thoughtfully

A burglar who has his heart set on something will do everything in his power to succeed. He works creatively with the possibilities that are available to make his move.
It must also be said that many people still make it very easy for burglars and thus make an ideal target. Be careful not to leave any tools lying around that can be used to force doors and windows, the same applies to ladders that can easily reach an open window on the floors. Before you leave home, always check all windows and doors and make sure that they are properly closed, an open window is every burglar's dream. In addition, also take the keys from the locks, also from the inside. A window next to a door with a key on the inside provides easy access. Even when it comes to the locks themselves, ways are constantly being sought to force or circumvent the security techniques. Safe locks, possibly with side locks, extend the time it takes to get in and are therefore not wanted by burglars.

The most risky moments

Although it is generally stated that the nighttime hours are the most risky, you can become the victim of a burglary at any time. Of course, the night offers advantages because it is dark and most people are asleep, which reduces the chance of being caught. However, there is also a chance that a burglar has been watching you and your home for some time before he strikes. This way he knows exactly when you are home or not and what the best moments are to go about his business unseen. There is little you can do about this, it comes down to ensuring that adequate security discourages the burglar and leaves your home behind.
Also, when you go on vacation, remember to ask your neighbors or friends to keep an eye on things. An abandoned house is all too attractive for unwanted visitors.

Together with your locksmith you can ensure that burglars prefer to ignore your home. Sufficient light, no tools to grab and locks that take a long time to open are the best ways to protect yourself against a home burglary. Make an appointment today and enjoy a safe feeling soon.

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