Burglary prevention tips

Burglary prevention tips

Can you reduce the risk of a burglary to zero?leiden? No Unfortunately not. The risk is always there, no matter how much effort you put into improving the security of your home. Can you do nothing at all? Fortunately, it is and it is often easier than you might think. We would like to go over a few tips together with you that can help you discourage burglars and ensure that the chance that you become a victim is significantly reduced.

Bet on what deter burglars

The average burglar is not a fan of well-lit homes, homes equipped with locks that are difficult to break, and homes with alarms. These three things cause him to lose a lot of time and significantly increase the chances of getting caught. Not an ideal situation for him, but an asset for you that you can bet on. Lighting around your home ensures that the burglar has a high chance of being noticed by you, by a local resident or by a passer-by. It is a small investment to install the necessary lighting around your home, possibly with sensors that respond to movement. Security locks are much more difficult to open and the burglar loses a lot of time with them. Time he doesn't have, because he wants to get into your house as quickly as possible, gather his outside and leave. Every second of delay increases the chance of getting caught, something he absolutely wants to avoid. An alarm is and still remains effective and deters burglars. They must be able to quickly make their way back before the arrival of you or the emergency services. Lighting, security locks and an alarm, a nightmare for burglars, a great asset for you.

Do not reveal valuable information

You may have been looking forward to your vacation for a long time and would like to tell everyone about it. Be careful with this though, it is valuable information for people with bad intentions. The more people know about your planned vacation, the greater the chance that this information will also fall into the wrong hands and you will be in for an unpleasant surprise when you get home. This tip also applies to your social media. Of course it's nice to be able to share beautiful photos with your friends while on holiday, but people you don't know can also get valuable information in this way. If you'd like to share your adventures on your social media, please wait until you get back home before posting the photos. During your absence you can ask friends or neighbors to keep an eye on things or ask the police to drive by regularly to check that there are no irregularities.

Consult a security expert

Do you want to go a step further in the security of your home, but you don't know how to handle it? Consult a security expert and have the necessary adjustments made by a professional. Often there are simple things you can still do, but don't think about it yourself. Your expert will be happy to point this out to you. A security expert does not screen your entire home from a burglar's point of view, but from a burglar's point of view, which provides a wealth of information to get you started.

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