Burglar-proof tips during holiday time

Burglar-proof tips during holiday time

Burglaries are still increasing enormously every year. Special, especially when you consider that with the developments in the field of technology, a lot is also possible in the field of burglary prevention. However, it is not always only due to the poor quality of the hinges and locks in the houses. If you make it easy for burglars, they can also eventually open a medium-quality cylinder lock. It is a combination of several factors that ultimately makes a burglar choose to skip your home. Then also take the burglary-resistant tips to heart during vacation time.


Don't hang it on the big clock

With the advent of social media, we like to shout from the rooftops that we are enjoying a well-deserved holiday. We prefer to treat our followers to the most beautiful holiday photos. It's not very useful, though, because burglars make it a hobby to roam social media in search of their latest victims. Your posts will then clearly show that your home is a good target. Wait to post those beautiful photos until you return from vacation and can guard your own fortress again.


Know who you are giving the spare key to

It is nice to be able to call in someone to remove the mail from the mat or from the letterbox and water the plants. Only assign this task to those people whom you actually entrust your life with. In other words, not just anyone gives the spare key to your home. If you do give a key to certain people, keep a record of who has the key so that you know who to ask for it back in due time.


Make the house appear occupied

It is important that it looks like someone is home, especially when you are away for a long time. Choose timers that switch on the lights at regular intervals. Ask family or friends to regularly empty the mailbox or remove the mail from the mat. You can also ask someone nearby, someone you trust, to park the car in your driveway.


Key from the lock

It is so convenient to leave the key in the lock. However, it is not wise. A burglar only has to tap in a window, turn the key and the door opens. Never leave keys hanging in the lock of the door!


Burglary prevention 

Do you need personal and tailor-made advice in the field of burglary prevention? Please contact Slotenmaker Holland. We visit you on site and assess the current situation. Based on this, we issue an advice. This may mean replacing your locks or installing additional locks in the form of a multi-point lock or core pulling protection. Slotenmaker Holland is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our certified locksmiths usually do not need more than half an hour to be on site.

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