Mortise locks keep burglars out

Mortise locks keep burglars out

Your home must always offer you a safe feeling. A place where you can stay without fear and in peace and which you can also leave with peace of mind. And although this may sound obvious to many people, there are still many homes that are easy for burglars to enter. High-quality and solid mortise locks are a good step in the right direction to keep out unwanted visitors.

Mortise locks or rim locks?

Choosing solid locks does require some research. For example, you will be faced with the choice between rim locks and mortise locks. Rim locks are locks that are placed on the door, mortise locks, on the other hand, are placed in a free space of the door. If we look at the most commonly used and common locks, we will often find the mortise locks. They offer better security and that's what it's all about after all.

Different doors require a different approach

The choice is also enormous within the section of the mortise locks themselves. In your personal choice, much will depend on the type of door for which the lock should serve. It goes without saying that your front door requires a different type of lock than the door of your bathroom, for example. For exterior doors we advise you to choose a lock with high security and then a cylinder lock is the most appropriate. This lock, especially in combination with core pulling protection, will be difficult to open if the person who wants to enter does not have the correct key. Attention is here to ensure that the cylinder does not protrude. Interior doors are often seen as less important, yet there are many people who have a lot of valuable goods in their house that they would not like to fall into the wrong hands. If you also have the room where your most valuable belongings are kept, here too you ensure a quality mortise lock with high security. That way you ensure that a burglar still has no access to his final target after forcing your outer door and he has to force another door. For rooms with less valuable goods, you can opt for a simple mortise lock with lower security. For example, you can think of the door of a storage room.

Mortise locks with extra security

A mortise lock with a quality mark in itself already offers you a high degree of security. It will already be difficult to force this lock and it will take a relatively long time and a certain skill to open the lock. However, nothing prevents you from going the extra mile and providing additional security in addition to your locks. Core pulling protection, anti-burglary strips and side locks are good examples of this. Securing your home is always done with the intention of keeping burglars out and by additionally securing your doors, you increase the chance that a burglar will indeed fail to strike and loot in your home.

Your locksmith as a security expert

Your locksmith has the appropriate security solution for every type of door. During a no-obligation visit, he can indicate which locks are best to be replaced or modified and what the best alternatives are for your current locks. As an expert, he is perfectly aware of the methods that burglars use today and can help you to arm yourself against this.

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