core pulling

How can you prevent core pulling yourself?

Have you ever a burglary experienced? Then you know how much impact this can have on your privacy. This not only concerns the damage caused by the burglars, but also a feeling of insecurity that can be felt long after the incident. That is why it is important to properly protect your property against burglary.

One of the most essential preventative measures you can take is to protect your home from core pulling. Core pulling is still a very common method of sneaking into a home. Core pulling protection has been mandatory in the Netherlands for new-build homes since 2016. In this article, we'll tell you a little more about core pulling and how to avoid it.

What exactly is core pulling?

Core pulling is a very simple method to disable a lock. The only thing burglars need is a special screw. They screw this screw into the cylinder of the lock, with which it can be pulled out. It goes without saying that it is a smart idea to protect against this burglary method, because the action only needs to take a few minutes and burglars are already in your home.

Prevent burglary and core pulling

Fortunately, there are several measures you can take to prevent core pulling. The most common method concerns securing your cylinder locks with so-called core pulling protection. This means that a special cylinder is placed, which can withstand a pulling force of up to 1.500 kilograms, making it impossible for burglars to unscrew the cylinder.

In addition, you can also have special security fittings installed, this is placed over the cylinder. This method also prevents you from being able to pull your cylinder out with a screw. In addition to securing your current cylinder lock, you can opt by replacing your lock with a better and stronger lock such as a multi-point lock.

Install a multi-point lock as additional security

A multipoint lock is a special lock that locks your door in a different way than a mortise lock. A mortise lock closes your door at only one point; at the height of the lock itself. A multi-point lock, on the other hand, locks your door at three different points. Unfortunately, when burglars try to open your door with a crowbar, they will face a closed door if you have a multi-point lock. The lock remains intact and your property remains safe.

Holland Locksmith can assist you with the security of your building

Would you like to know to what extent your home or business premises are protected against core pulling? Then you can always contact Holland Locksmith. We can advise you on many fronts about burglary protection and prevention, whereby core pulling is of course also included in our advice plan. Then we can tell you what measures you can take to prevent burglary. Just call us to discuss the possibilities with us.

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