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Hallmark for cylinder locks

We all strive for a safe home. We have a lot of valuable goods, both material and emotional, in our home and we want them as much as possible protection against people with bad intentions. Many ways are available to enhance security, of which choosing certified cylinder locks is one. We are happy to tell you what to look out for if you choose to invest in nieuwe sloten.

What is a quality mark?

If you are looking around for nieuwe sloten, you will undoubtedly find that there is a wide variety of cylinder locks on the market. A first distinction that can already be made between all those different types is that you will find locks with and without a quality mark. If safety is your concern, it is strongly recommended to choose a lock with a quality mark. The safe living police label recommends opting for the SKG quality mark because of the high demands placed on locks in order to obtain this quality mark. For example, those locks are resistant to core pulling, a popular intrusion method today. In order to qualify for a quality mark, all kinds of safety tests have been designed that the locks must undergo and for each of those individual tests the minimum score must be achieved. If a lock does not score well on a particular part, it cannot be taken into account for awarding the quality mark.

The SKG quality mark

SKG, also known as the Quality Gevelbouw Foundation, is an independent body that organizes the tests of the cylinder locks, both in terms of sustainability and security. For this they use three different grades, namely the one-star, two-star and three-star quality mark. The more stars, the higher the degree of security. A lock with SKG * is considered to be sufficiently burglar-resistant, provided that it is used together with another security, such as a side lock. A lock with SKG ** is regarded as a lock that in itself ensures high security. You can assume that a lock with this quality mark means that a burglar needs three minutes more to gain access to your home. A lock with SKG *** is a lock that meets the highest security requirements. Here you can assume that a burglar will take five minutes longer to enter your home. Do those extra minutes sound like a limitation to you? They do make a big difference to a burglar. It is those extra minutes that ensure that the chance of being caught increases considerably. It goes without saying that he would rather avoid this.

Ask your locksmith for advice

In many DIY shops you can easily purchase cylinder locks with a quality mark yourself. However, if you are not completely convinced of the type of cylinder locks that you would best choose, please make an appointment with your locksmith. He will be happy to check the existing locks in your home and advise you on the options available to increase the security of the locks. Advice, placement and delivery of the certificates of the quality mark, these are all tasks that he likes to take over from you and for which he uses all his knowledge and experience to help you as much as possible to a well-secured home. By the way, did you know that insurance companies also take into account the measures you take to secure your home? Please do not hesitate to ask for more information here.

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