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Your key has broken off in the lock of your front door: now what?

It happens to almost everyone once in a lifetime: a broken key in the lock of your front door. Often this is also accompanied by haste or stress, so you press a little harder when you try to close the lock and thus suddenly break the key. Of course, at such a moment, that is the last thing you can use, if you want to go somewhere urgently!

Fortunately stands Slotenmaker Holland at your disposal 24/7 at such times. We have the most modern means and techniques to remove your key from the lock, so that you can immediately get back on the road. Is this not possible? Then we can immediately replace your lock, after which you will of course also receive one or more new keys from us. This article describes how a key can break off, what you can do yourself and how we can do something for you.

How can a key break off?

The first question that arises is of course: how can a key break off in a lock at all? After all, locks and the associated keys should be strong and durable. But like other utensils, locks and keys can indeed be damaged. First, it often happens that the key in question is not an original key. In the past keys were made of stronger materials than is sometimes the case now. If you have had a cheap copy made, the key can break much faster than an original copy.

In addition, other factors also play a role, such as the aforementioned exerting too much pressure when closing the lock. This is unfortunately possible with older and worn keys leiden to destruction. Worn keys can also turn more stiffly in the lock, increasing the risk of breakage. Finally, external factors such as the outdoor temperature and possible corrosion can play a role, as this also leads to weakened materials. In any case, it is wise to maintain your locks and keys well, to regularly check for defects and also for the presence of dirt or rust.

Never insert sharp objects into the lock yourself!

Our advice is always that you should never try to pick out the key with a small or sharp object. You can then damage the cylinder in the lock, so that the lock can no longer be used. In some cases our locksmiths manage to get the broken piece of key out, after which you can still use the lock. However, if you damage the lock yourself, this chance has already disappeared.

Would you like to try to remove the key yourself?

The only thing you can do is to lubricate your lock well with a special lock lubricant (never use WD-40 !, your lock can get stuck). You can spray the lock lubricant in your lock. If you do this on the side where you have not put the key in the lock, you can sometimes get the key out far enough to pull it out with tweezers. But again, never put tweezers in the lock. Is this not possible, or does the key just not protrude far enough? Then the only sensible option is to get professional help. Of course it says Slotenmaker Holland always there for you in these stressful moments.

Our experienced locksmiths will help you immediately with a broken key

If you did get the key out of the lock, there is a very good chance that you will not be able to enter because you only have one key with you. In that case, too, we will come directly to the location to help you. We will in either case open the lock for you, and in most cases without damaging the lock in any way. Only in certain cases the key can no longer be removed from the lock, you will have to replace your lock.

We can give you excellent advice on that point and place a good lock for you. All our locks meet the SKG quality mark and therefore fall under it Police Seal Safe Living. We place the lock in a professional manner and immediately give you new keys, so that you can safely get back on the road. Our locksmiths are at your door within 30 minutes and the job is almost always done quickly. Are you currently outside with a broken key? Then call us immediately and we will get there.

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