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Is your key stuck on the inside of the door?

Many people leave their keys in the lock during the night. It may happen that you want to go out the door in the morning and you can suddenly not turn the key. This can have various causes; from a jammed or defective lock, to a key that breaks off. In any case, it is annoying, because this means that you can no longer go out the door. Because the key is on the inside of the lock, you can no longer open and close the lock on the outside.

It is best not to take steps yourself, because you risk damaging the lock (in cases where the lock itself is not defective). In this article, we provide you with helpful information about the cause of a faulty lock or a stuck key, what you can do to fix it, and what solutions are available.

How can a key get stuck in a lock?

There are two reasons that a lock suddenly no longer works in combination with the key. This can be either the lock or the key. In any case, there is always a problem with one of the two parts, sometimes this can also be the case at the same time. In almost all cases, professional help from a specialist such as Slotenmaker Holland the best option so that you can be sure that the problem is corrected by using the correct method.

The lock is defective or jammed

In many cases there may be something wrong with the lock, so that the mechanical no longer functions optimally. Sometimes there is simply old age or wear. As a result, the lock no longer works smoothly and you can no longer turn or remove the key. This can also be due to dirt in the lock that has entered the cylinder via the key. External influences can also play a role, such as frost when it is cold, corrosion or limescale. In all these cases it is important to inspect the lock properly so that it is clear which action needs to be performed.

The key breaks off in the lock

Another common reason is a key that breaks off in the lock. Sometimes you can turn your key in the lock almost too hard, causing it to break. Certainly, if the key is older, or if you have had a copy made of less strong material. A key can also break if the lock freezes or is defective; for one of the above reasons concerning the lock itself. Then there is in fact a defect in the lock and the key at the same time.

In any case, do not use small objects to remove the key

We have heard that laymen try to push the key out of the lock with tweezers, a hairpin or a disassembled paper clip. Don't do this though! You can then damage the cylinder in the lock, so that it will no longer function at all. If you would like the lock to be repaired, it is best to contact a specialist immediately. Slotenmaker Holland can by far many years of expertise most locks open without damage, so that you are not stuck with additional cost items.

Is there anything you can do yourself?

When the key cannot be released, many people tend to pull the key hard. Please note: you can still break an entire key in this way. It is better to use a lubricant before attempting to remove the key. The same applies to a stuck broken key. A perfect means for this is special lock lubricant (never use WD-40, the lock can get stuck!). You can use the supplied nozzle to spray exactly into the keyhole and then see whether the key can be removed without pulling too hard. Is this not possible? Then call immediately Slotenmaker Holland.

Please contact our locksmiths

Whether the key has broken off in the lock, got stuck or your lock no longer functions: we have a solution for every problem with your lock. When you contact us, we will be at your door within 30 minutes, after which we will open your door for you. Then we ensure that you can also safely leave your house and close your door neatly.

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