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A key stuck in the lock? You can do this!

For various reasons you may have to deal with a key that can suddenly no longer be unlocked. Your key may break off, for example, or no longer function smoothly due to rust. Your lock can also wear out over time or get stuck on the other. In addition, something in the lock itself can no longer work properly, causing your lock to stop rotating.

In all these cases you can always do the best with Slotenmaker Holland call, who will arrive on site quickly to get your door open again. An issue such as a stuck key needs to be corrected in exactly the right way. If you use the wrong method, you risk extra damage. In this article, we provide you with some background information on why a key can get stuck in a lock. And of course also what you can do to solve this.

Option 1: The lock is the cause

There are two reasons for a stuck key: something is wrong with the key, or something is wrong with the lock. If it is up to you, this can have several causes. A lock can be defective, stiff or jammed. In such cases it is advisable to take action as soon as possible, because a lock that no longer functions properly is also easier to break through burglars.

How can a lock fail?

Locks are unfortunately subject to wear. Certainly, if you have had the same lock for decades. Over time, the various parts in the lock wear out, so that the mechanism no longer works smoothly. The weather in the Netherlands can also cause problems, for example in years when it rains for a long time. The excess moisture comes into continuous contact with the lock and this can cause rusting or other deposits such as limescale.

You should also take into account that dirt can end up in a lock. By splashing water at the level of the ground, but especially when your key is dirty. If you structurally use a key with even a little bit of dirt on it, the cylinder will eventually become clogged. This is possible leiden to a lock that doesn't work properly.

What can you do if your key is stuck by a locked lock?

At first you can try to make the lock run a little smoother by using a special lubricant for locks. (Be careful, do not use WD-40, the lock may get stuck). You can use a special lock lubricant that can also remove residual dirt from the lock. You can then easily wipe away the dirt. Then try turning the key again. Is this not possible? Then call immediately Slotenmaker Holland. Our expert locksmiths will be at your door as soon as possible to get it open again and remove the key.

Option 2: The key is the cause

If there is nothing wrong with the lock at first glance, it could also be the key. As mentioned above, a dirty key can damage your lock, so always make sure that your key is clean before using it. Also keys that have been affected by corrosion can suddenly get stuck. In addition, many people have copies of keys, which you may have made at a key maker. Some key makers work with inexpensive materials, such as metals that are softer, less resistant to corrosion, or less resistant. This may result in your key breaking suddenly after not too much time. So definitely invest in good quality keys; this way you also keep your lock in top condition.

What can you do about this?

If the problem is with a dirty key, try the method described above. By spraying some special lock spray into the keyhole on the side where there is no key, you may be able to get the dirt out of the cylinder. Is it a broken key? Then you can also use this method, to probably get the piece of key out. However, never try to pull the key out of the lock with a sharp object: this can quickly damage the cylinder.

Do you have a key with a lot of rust? Then you can try cleaning this with some vinegar, lemon juice and salt or cola. If your key is already stuck, this is of little use anymore; this is more of a preventive measure to prevent corrosion. We recommend that you always properly grease your keys in winter and clean them regularly. This way you can avoid such scenarios.

What can you do if your key is stuck?

Can't go in or out? Then call immediately Slotenmaker Holland. Our expert team of specialists will help you immediately, we are almost always at your door within half an hour. Then we make your open the door for you. If your lock is defective, we will of course immediately place a new lock.

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