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Opening a safe is a difficult task and of course not without reason, because safes are specially manufactured and produced so that they cannot be broken open. Safes have been used for many years to store special or expensive items, such as money and securities, heirlooms, jewelry and the like. In the unlikely event that you do encounter burglars in your home, the chance that they can steal items from a safe is fairly small. Nevertheless, it may be necessary to open a safe in a professional manner, for example if you have lost the key yourself. Holland Locksmith is always ready to help you with such inconveniences. Our professional team will crack the safe before you know it, without damaging your stored belongings. You can store it directly elsewhere.

It should of course be difficult to open a safe

Safes are specially designed repositories, the purpose of which is to safely store valuables. This makes safes extremely difficult to open if you have lost the key. Some safes are also fire resistant, which means that your belongings are not only protected against theft, but also against fire and extremely high temperatures. If you no longer have a key and therefore cannot open your safe, then you know at least that you have a good safe! But it is of course quite difficult if it does not allow you to access your belongings. Fortunately, you can count on our skills and expertise at such times.

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In which cases can you call on our services?

Let us state first of all that we certainly do not just open every safe. In the first instance you will have to prove to us that it concerns your own safe. This can be done, for example, by indicating the contents of the safe, so that we can check this information as soon as we open the safe. If the safe is present in your home, this is sufficient in the majority of cases. We also open a safe without a key only if there is really no other solution available. We will then arrive on site and ensure that you have access to the safe and associated content as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will you work with a safe opening?

When you engage us to open your safe, we will follow a fixed procedure. Opening a safe requires knowledge and craftsmanship and cannot be performed by just anyone. We have special means and equipment to open safes, which may only be used by professionals within our profession. You can therefore always rest assured that your safe is in good hands with us and that the work is carried out in accordance with applicable procedures.

Another thing that we pay close attention to is the contents of the safe. As we mentioned earlier, safes usually contain valuable items that you don't like to lose. When opening a safe, it must therefore be taken into account that the contents of the safe remain completely intact. Some safes can contain very old or fragile materials, so during this job that requires the necessary finesse, we take into account any fragile properties. We can open your safe without causing any damage to the content and this of course also ensures the necessary rest in your situation.

Can you open any safe?

Safes come in so many different shapes, sizes and models that it is impossible to try to open a safe for which you no longer have a key. In addition to regular safes, there are the aforementioned fire-resistant safes, but also damp-proof safes and safes that are closed with special locking systems. These can be multi-point locks, which can hardly be broken open by a layman. Are you trying to do this? Then you risk irreparable damage to the safe and the stored property. Holland Locksmith has the expertise and professionals to get the job done perfectlylaren, so you don't have to look for solutions yourself.

Can I help with the opening if I have lost the key?

Are you looking for the key to your safe and can't find it? Then call Holland Locksmith immediately. We will be at your door in no time with all the necessary equipment, after which we will start to open your safe. You can then use your valuables again to store them safely elsewhere. If you would like more information about this service, you can always call us for advice without obligation. You can also contact Holland Locksmith for other urgent problems, such as opening doors and replacing locks.

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