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How much does a locksmith and replacing your lock cost?

When you have problems with your lock, it is often advisable to think about replacement. Sometimes people can wait a long time, especially because they are afraid of being burdened with high costs. However, it goes without saying that opening or repairing a lock that has jammed can be more expensive than the single replace your current lock. In addition, the damage due to burglary due to a malfunctioning lock will be much higher.

To replace your lock you can buy a new lock at the local hardware store or hardware store, but do you have a guarantee that it will work properly? In principle, it is always best to hire a specialist for this job, so that you have certainty regarding the safety of your home. We will tell you why this is so below.

How do you choose the right lock for your home?

For many laymen, the problems already begin to answer this question. Because how do you actually know, what is a good lock? Any lock you buy will work using a relatively similar mechanism: a cylinder with a key, which opens the lock. But different types of homes require different types of locks. For example, if you live in a well-secured apartment building, you probably do not need a multi-point lock.

Do you live a little more secluded, or do you have a large garden with a hedge that obstructs the view to your home? Then a strong and well-secured lock is necessary. The function of the door also plays a role: a front door is often more heavily secured than a back door or garage door. The choice for a lock therefore depends on several factors:

  • The condition and nature of your home
  • The value of your household effects
  • The burglary sensitivity of your home
  • Which access road you want to protect (extra)
  • How much value you attach to (extra) burglary prevention
  • And of course your budget

We advise everyone to at least choose a lock with the SKG quality mark and have it installed professionally. Then you are 100% sure that you are in the right place.

How do you know if a lock is good quality?

To find out whether a lock has burglary protection, you should check whether the lock falls under the SKG quality mark. SKG stands for Stichting Gevelbouw Quality and this organization assesses by means of classification with a number of stars. A lock can get one, two or three stars and the number of stars determines the burglary protection. The more stars, the stronger the lock. If a lock has three stars, burglars will therefore have more trouble forcing your door than with a less well-secured lock.

Why are there so many price differences?

If you buy a lock in a hardware store and install it yourself, then you are indeed the cheapest at that time. But a lot can go wrong when placing a lock, so that it protects your property to a lesser extent than you expect. Although a locksmith is slightly more expensive in the short term, you will definitely reap the benefits in the longer term. Our specialized and qualified locksmiths can place exactly the right lock for you, in the right way. The chance that your lock will still be forced or broken is thus minimized.

Different degrees of burglary prevention

In addition to the way in which a lock is placed, you can also choose from several types of burglary prevention. For many buildings in busy and illuminated areas, a lock with core pull protection is usually sufficient. In other cases, a multi-point lock may be a better option, for example if you live a bit more remote or for a business property. Both locks are very difficult to force, in addition, a multi-point lock closes your home in three different places. That is so safe!

Slotenmaker Holland is happy to advise you on the best lock for your home

The range of locks as well as the correct installation can raise questions for many people. That's why it helps Slotenmaker Holland you like to properly secure your property. We cannot give general prices, because there are simply too many different factors in each individual job. We can be at your door within half an hour, we also work at competitive rates and always let you know in advance what the price is in your situation. You can easily pin at the door. Knowing more? Call us for more information and advice.

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