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Can a lock be opened with a screwdriver?

We often get the question what exactly is going on when we talk about 'opening a lock with a screwdriver'. Sometimes people think that they can repair a defective lock by trying to open the lock again with a screwdriver. We do not recommend this under any circumstances! This way you can irreparably damage a locked lock.

However, this article is not about loosening a faulty lock with a screwdriver, but about a special technique that has been used by burglars for a while to enter homes. This method is called core pulling, unfortunately many households still have to deal with this method to this day. In this article we explain more about core pulling and of course also how you can prevent this.

What is core pulling and is it common?

Core drawing consists of a process that uses a special screw to turn into the cylinder of your lock. After that, the entire cylinder can be removed from your lock with an object called a nuclear trigger. When your lock no longer contains a cylinder, the whole lock no longer works. So your door is literally wide open to burglars. Core drawing is still relatively common, because a lot of houses are still not over locks that have core pulling protection.

Locks with core pulling protection are mandatory!

What many people do not know is that core pulling protection has been made compulsory by law since 2016. All new-build homes that are being delivered are already equipped with this. Unfortunately, many households with older homes have not yet taken action to replace their locks, making it possible for burglars to enter when you are away from home or on vacation. So it is a smart (and mandatory) move to have your lock examined for the presence of core pulling protection.

Invest in a lock with core pull protection

If you want to protect your home against core pulling, you can of course rely on the expertise of the locksmiths of Slotenmaker Holland. We can advise you extensively on all types of locks that we have available. All our locks naturally meet the SKG quality mark, varying from 2 to 3 stars. In addition, we ensure correct and professional placement, so that your home is perfectly protected against this annoying and unpleasant method. Right away lock with anti-core pulling batter In any case, you no longer have to worry about burglars who want to open your lock.

Other types of locks with burglary protection

In addition to locks with anti-core pulling protection, we also offer other locks that perfectly protect your home. Many locks are still manufactured with a cylinder, but so-called multi-point locks are also available. These locks lock your door in no less than three specific places, making it completely impossible to enter your home. These locks naturally also meet all legal requirements and quality marks. We can provide you with comprehensive advice when it comes to the best lock for your home and personal preferences.

There are quite a few differences in prices

Often people want a direct quote for the work, which we of course also offer. However, you should keep in mind that a lock with burglary protection somewhat more expensive than a cheap lock from, for example, a hardware store. In addition to the fact that our specialists place the lock at your location for you, we only work with high-quality locks from A brands. This way we can guarantee your safety regarding the strength of your locks and you can be sure that you are 100% safe.

Always ask an experienced locksmith for advice

Do you also want to meet the legal requirements in the field of burglary prevention? Smart move! Call immediately Slotenmaker Holland and we will be at your door within 30 minutes. If you also want to take preventive measures in other places in your home, we will of course also help you with this. We also advise never to pull your lock yourself or otherwise use objects, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article. This is possible leiden to damage items, which you avoid by only working with specialists. Feel free to call us with any questions, we are always happy to assist you with clear advice.

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