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Locked out and left key inside

Who can honestly say that he has never experienced it? You step out of your front door in good spirits, you quickly close the door behind you and when it is just too late, you realize that the key is still inside or has got stuck on the inside of the door. Perhaps no one has ever had this happen. It all goes so fast, you're already busy with other things and you've locked yourself out. A few seconds of inattention are enough.

What can you try yourself?

It is very understandable and completely normal that you would like to get your door open again as soon as possible to get the key. You may be in a rush or absolutely need something still inside and every minute counts.
If the key is still on the inside of the door, chances are you'll be able to open the door yourself without doing too much damage. In the other case, you can try to open the door with a hairpin, a bank card or a screwdriver. However, don't set your hopes too high, today's locks are designed to withstand the most commonly used burglary techniques. Burglars have a harder time breaking into your home, but of course that also applies to you.
Breaking a window is of course also a possibility, but we strongly advise against this.

An urgent intervention from your locksmith

Chances are that your locksmith also has a permanent service that is active at any time of the day and night, so that help is never long in coming. To avoid having to search for the data in all haste at the moment, you can always keep a card from your locksmith in your handbag or wallet, for example.
Your locksmith has the right tools to open every door in a short time and without damage. He will also check after the intervention whether the lock still works properly. The latter is often overlooked, but is so important to safety. Opening the lock can cause damage to the inside, which means that the security is no longer optimal.

How can you avoid this?

Make it a habit to always check whether you have your key with you before you close the door, as if this is quickly forgotten in a moment of haste with the known result. You can also choose to leave an emergency spare key with someone close to you, just think of the neighbors or the owner of a store in your area that you know well.

Have you locked yourself out? Call your locksmith immediately and have the problem solved quickly and professionally instead of doing it yourself.

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