burglars bypass your home

Don't let burglars pass your house

It makes sense that no one would like to be the victim of a burglary. However, it is less logical that many people do not even take very simple measures that can reduce the risk of a burglary. And those measures are there, they are often less drastic and expensive than you might at first suspect. One general rule of thumb to reduce the risk of a burglary is that making your home less attractive will reduce the risk of unwanted visitors.
Burglars like to keep things easy for themselves, which means that they like to choose homes where they have to make little effort to get in, where they lose little time, where they can make their mark in the dark and where the chance of being caught is small as possible. We are happy to discuss the ways to turn their assets into your assets.

Make access to your home difficult and time consuming

People are often not immediately aware of how easy it is for burglars to gain access to their home.
A first point of attention that sounds very obvious, but which is still a frequently used way to enter your home is to leave windows open and not to lock doors. It need not be said that this is a burglar's dream. Even on the upper floors, you should always close all windows before leaving the house. It's a breeze for a burglar to hit up to the windows upstairs. Also pay attention to doors of, for example, garages at the back of the house, these are also a dream opportunity for unwanted visitors and many people let them go, because the partner or the children could easily enter. However, they are not the only ones who can enter this easily.
Even with closed doors and windows, there is still a good chance that the burglar can easily enter your home. Investing in security locks ensures that more material will be needed and that the time required to force these locks is considerably longer.

Increase your chances of being seen

A burglar prefers to work in the darkest possible environment. After all, that way he can go about without disturbance with a relatively small risk that someone would notice his presence. A dark backyard, for example, is ideal because the burglar is hidden from passers-by on the street and the lack of lighting reduces the chance of being seen by local residents. So there is plenty of time to look for ways to get in unseen. Placing sufficient lighting around your home therefore immediately makes your home a lot less attractive. No burglar likes to walk around in full light.
You can choose to install lighting that switches on automatically after dark or you can choose lighting that works with sensors that respond to movement. Of course, the second method is a lot more interesting for two reasons. Not only will your energy consumption be a lot lower if you don't have to light up all night, it also creates a surprise effect for the burglar. In the latter case, there is a good chance that the startling of the lighting will give a reflex to flee immediately.
You can also provide lighting in your home that responds to movement or that is activated at programmed times.

Invest in an alarm system

Fortunately, the time when alarm systems were only intended for large and luxurious houses is long gone. Affordable and reliable professional systems are now available for every home. You have a wide range of options for securing your home within different price ranges.
An alarm installer is happy to work with you to explore the options specific to your home. For example, you can choose from an alarm system with a siren or with a silent alarm that is connected to an external control room. You can also choose to equip your alarm system with cameras, so that you also get a clear picture of what is going on in your home from a distance. With the current technology, almost all alarm systems can be used by means of an app on your smartphone, so that you can take the appropriate action from any location, such as going on site yourself or passing the report on to the emergency services, who will then take a look. .
If you indicate outside your home that your home is secured, this will certainly have a dissuasive effect towards unwanted visitors. After all, it will be very difficult in your home to take a hit unseen and the chance of being caught is extremely high.

As you can see from the above, it is not at all a difficult task to make your home less attractive to burglars. Some small and simple measures will already have a major effect. Of course, the chance of a burglary can never be completely reduced to zero, but a good reduction of that chance is still worth considering. A security specialist can give you all the tips and advice to optimally secure your home and give you peace of mind. And the latter is invaluable.

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