multi-point lock defective

Multi-point lock defective?

Multi-point lock defective: what to do?

If you have installed a multi-point lock, you have probably done this to provide your home with good security. After all, a good lock means that burglars are less likely to enter your home unnoticed and unintentionally. But like all other locks, something can go wrong with a multi-point lock. It is and remains a utility object and as such it is sensitive to wear, traces of use and defects.

First of all, we would like to emphasize that a multi-point lock with the SKG quality mark will show defects much less quickly. These locks have been extensively tested, giving you more certainty regarding the quality of the lock. If you continue Slotenmaker Holland have your lock installed, you can always be sure that you are going for quality. In this article we have listed some situations in which a multi-point lock can suddenly no longer work and what you can do. That way you will be better prepared.

What is meant by a multi-point lock?

A multi-point lock is a lock, which locks your door in several places. Generally this is in the same place as a cylinder lock, plus top and bottom of the door. This multiple locking makes it very difficult to force the door, making this a lock for buildings that benefit from extra security measures. You can think of larger houses, homes in areas with increased burglary sensitivity and also business buildings with many expensive equipment. In principle, anyone can have a multi-point lock installed: the choice is always yours.

Does your multi-point lock no longer open?

Each lock can suddenly no longer function at a certain moment. This can be due to dirt, rust, deposits or a key that is no longer good. In such cases, you may not be able to open or close your lock. In these cases we do not recommend getting your lock moving: you can sometimes damage it even more. Slotenmaker Holland can be at your door within 30 minutes in this case, in order to open your multi-point lock again.

Is your multi-point lock worn or old?

Another thing that can occur is a multi-point lock that simply no longer functions properly due to age. Wear and age can make a lock stiff. Many companies recommend using WD-40, but this is not always effective and can even damage locks. Also in such cases we recommend asking a good locksmith for help, then you can be sure that the most effective method is used to get the lock open again, if possible.

Is your key stuck in a multi-point lock?

A third option is a key that gets stuck. This can be either the lock or the key. It may happen that a key contains a bit of dirt. If it gets into the cylinder, it can jam. Even then we recommend to Slotenmaker Holland to contact. We first check whether we can get the key out of the lock. Is this not possible? Then we try to open the lock for you. If the lock is defective, we can of course immediately install an SKG-approved multi-point lock that meets all standards.

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